Monday, January 18, 2010

A Late Weekend Recap: Part 1

Saturday AM:
Ran with Tall Mom Mel on the trail, but this time I had to be super sneaky and blend in with her Fleet Feet training group. I was a ninja bandit!  I originally wore a short sleeve tee under my vest, but then I saw all the other runners with their earmuffs and long sleeved jackets...and I thought I'd "blend in" more with my black Nike track jacket. However, the change of clothes made me miss the start of the running pack. Crap! I had to catch up with TALL Mom, not short-legged Mom, but Amazon woman Mel. And of course she's a speedy one, so here I am passing all of the slower runners and dodging fallen tree branches to catch up to Mel somewhere in the crowd. I'm sure the other runners were like "slow down! this isn't a RACE, you moron!" or "dammit, she's making me look bad!" Hee hee. I'd like to think that people were admiring my leaping gazelle-like skills to catch up to Mel, but in truth, I was running HARD that first 1.5 - 2 miles! Um, nearly BQ pace and I was all out of breath when I FINALLY caught up to her. She had found a buddy in a speedy red jacket and matching hat named Jennifer (what a cool woman, too!). All three of us managed to chat for a couple miles until Jennifer realized that she was way ahead of her goal pace for the day. So, off fresh-legged Mel (she had missed running a few days and she was itching to go fast) and not-so-fresh-legged me ran until the 5 mile turnaround.

We believe we heard Sam the Bald Eagle , but no sightings of our large friend.  We pretended like he was getting ready for a hot date with a "chick" he knows from the neighborhood.  Yeah, they had reservations at "La Rivière" for some salmon sushi.  Not sure if Sam used the Rogaine like we suggested, because dude, that bird is losing some up top. ;)

The rest of the 10 miler was nice, but exhausting.  I was straight up beat after the run and my ankles were bugging me.  Hmmm...perhaps it's because of my worn Asics Kayanos?  Mel stayed with her training group and stretched/chatted while I made my way to my car.  Oh brother, nearly passed out because I was a little lightheaded.  Thank goodness for the H2O waiting for me.

So that was pretty much my Saturday!  Just a long run with a great running buddy.

Sunday is NEXT...


  1. Go ninja bandit! Sounds like you got a nice tempo run in there at the beginning. ;) I'm sure Mel was really happy you were able to catch up. Have a great day!

  2. SOOOOOOO SORRY I left you.. Yes I am AMAZON!

    Next time you dont have to bandit, they said it is fine if you run with us.. LOL! I wonder how Sam's date went??

  3. What an adventurous start to the run! I hope Sam had a great date.

  4. Sam had a date. LOL! I hope it was successful...*giggle*

    I would love to go somewhere and have a running group. That would be awesome. I'm usually a lone runner here and it sucks.


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