Thursday, January 28, 2010

Knee Pain Explained & Other Musings

As I mentioned briefly in my last post, I believe I may know the culprit of my behind-the-knee pain...bad posture at work!  Let me explain a little.  I sit at a computer all day, and one of my preferred ways to sit is with my left leg on the chair, under my right leg.  This creates a strain in the knee, especially after long periods of time.  Coupled with a little slouching (which, by the way, I'm completely exaggerating in the following photo. Maybe.), this is a knee no-no:
See how this can put unnecessary strain on that knee???  Ah HA!  Possible culprit identified!  So, I have decided to make a conscious effort to avoid this sitting position even though it's comfy.  *sigh*

This is the proper way to sit:
Ding ding ding!  Winnah!

Even though this will not be an easy task, we shall see if this relieves that pesky pain.  If it does, or helps even the slightest bit, then I will avoid a doctor visit because I'm a freakin' genius.  Or, um, something like that... :)

Let's move on, shall we?  To today's AWESOMENESS...
  • I sported my brand new Punk Rock Racing hat (courtesy of PunkRockRunner) on my 4 miler tonight.  Love it!  It's lightweight and soft, perfect for keeping my swishy ponytail off my face. 
Sorry, it's backwards.
  • Gus was totally loving the fact I was running outside today and only took two seconds to locate a satellite.  I thought it was a fluke so I turned him off and then back on, but nope...two seconds again.  Alright!  Someone's been missing me.
  • Tried my Champion High Impact sports bra and holy crap, my girls did not budge.  It's a wee bit on the tight side, but I guess that's where the "High Impact" stuff comes into play.  Full review soon...
  • Guess what was waiting for me in my mailbox from Tall Mom Mel???  A SEMI!  Oh noooooooo!  Well, at least this one holds candy and I can fling it across a room if I need to. ;)  Thank you, Mel!
Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. OK - I totally sit like that all the time. Wonder if that has to do with my knee aches?

    Love the new hat! Super cute!

    And the SEMI! Mel Rocks!

  2. Your post is as random as mine is today! LOL! Keep that posture in check girly!

    I haven't tested out my Punk Rock Runner hat yet but it is too cute on you! (As everything is... seriously... can you stop being so damn cute?) :)

    LMAO at the pez dispenser! Priceless!

  3. Aha! Brilliant discovery with your posture possibly causing the knee pain. Sit up straight with your knees bent properly over the chair... are you doing that now? Hmm??? Hope it helps!

    Too cute that Tall Mom sent you a Pez.

  4. i HOPE that you have found the cure to your pain.. You wear a hat to work?? I love fancy hats but I have never tried to wear any to work, I dont own any either..

    CUTE outfit!!

    HEHEHEHEH...I was in line at the video store and had to buy it for you... Crush it if you must.. Hugs and see you tomorrow, I will try to remember to bring the bag with your stuff..

  5. Glad to hear you like the hat. I would say you look awesome in it but, as Morgan pointed out, you look AWESOME in everything.

    Take care of the knee and enjoy your running :-)

    All the best,


  6. Great Post Zoe. With folding your leg like that, you are also limiting the blood flow to the rest of your leg. I have a mild case of PAD with my right leg being the victim. I am also a driver. I make sure that the seat is in an upright position with the back part up. I hate sitting so when I hit my stops, I walk as much as possible. I hope that your new posture aliviates that pain in your knee. BTW, thanks for stopping by, and I love the athlete statement you have up there.

  7. i totally sit like that too! everywhere! even out to dinner... i sit like that!
    and i'm a horrible sloucher to boot!

  8. Ohh, I have a similar problem with the way I sit at my desk--hurts my ID band like whoa.

  9. That's great that you found the problem to your knee. Could a stool under your desk make it more comfortable to sit the "proper way", maybe? And great that you're avoiding an unnecessary visit to the dr.

  10. Ouch, don't hurt your knee! You have me thinking about posture...Im sure that my posture is HORRIBLE while sitting at my desk too!

    Also, how do you like your hat? I was actually down in the Active dept last week looking at running hats (Nike, I believe). Is it weird to run with a hat and does it slip off? I usually don't wear hats, but it could be useful in the rain :)

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Ha! Love the pictures. I sit with my leg under me, too. I always have to walk it off for a minute after I get up. Maybe you'll start a good chair posture revolution for us bad posture baddies. Way to initiate change!

    The semi was too funny. Don't you love it when your friends feel close enough to you to pick on you? That's the best!

  12. Good luck with the posture changes. I hope it fixes the knee pain!

  13. woah.. i think the sitting thing is hereditary. i read it and looked down- samesies! ha! thanks for subscribing to my site. your totally earning best sister points. :)

  14. I sit the same way. Either that or with both legs tucked under. I alternate legs though, maybe that helps.

  15. As I was reading this I had the leg tucked under and awful back posture :( I need to get on that posture changing too

  16. I sit like that alot too, once I realized it and corrected the problem my knees are much happier!

  17. Funny how those little things that we brainlessly do can creep up and grab us! Hopefully you've figured that out. And the semi - classic!

  18. Am I crazy if I think women looks sexy when they slouch and slump? I spend all day trying to find pictures of women slouching on the internet. You looked really sexy in that picture with you slouching.


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