Friday, January 8, 2010

I AM an Athlete

I don't win races, but I always cross the finish line. I'm not fast, but I try my best to become faster. I don't have sports endorsements or earn a paycheck, but that doesn't stop me from running. My pace does not define me.
I am an athlete. I am a runner.

Just because "professional" does not precede "athlete" in describing me doesn't make my running any less valuable. I am an everyday athlete; leading a normal life, but with big goals and dreams. :)

Let’s talk nostalgia for a moment...
I’ve been a fan of Champion apparel since Middle School gym class. You know the cotton basketball shorts I’m talking about? Mine were navy blue with an elastic/drawstring waist. I ran track and completed races in my trusty navy Champion shorts. I wore those shorts until they were not so elastic anymore. And, my first real sports bra was from Champion’s line as well. Yeah, they had me covered. ;) I’ve kind of grown up around their products and the brand made me feel, well, like a Champion…

This makes me pretty excited about this particular athletic brand. Did you know that they make really affordable apparel for Target called C9 by Champion? If you haven’t checked out this line, then you must. I sported their cold weather compression shirt for the Seattle Half Marathon last November, and one of my favorite sports bras comes from their line that’s only $16.99. For a girly girl like me, having a lot of running clothing options is very important. It’s not just about the look, but the performance, and Champion has the right idea.

You see, Champion Athleticwear is a company that works towards meeting the needs of runners just like me. Not only do they provide comfortable, affordable and durable athletic apparel, they listen to the feedback of the people that use their products most—the everyday athlete. One of the ways the company utilizes consumer feedback is through a program called the Champion Innovation Lab.

The Champion Innovation Lab underscores the brand’s heritage in competitive sports while bringing to life its "How You Play" mantra through the experiences of real, everyday athletes. This year, the 2010 Innovation Lab works with nearly half of the "Perfect 17," those who have participated in the Disney Marathon Weekend since its inception 17 years ago, as well as runners, race-walkers and wheelchair athletes from all skill levels, to test Champion Athleticwear.
Currently underway in Florida, Champion is one of the official sponsors of the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. Who’s running this awesome race series? I know I will be looking into the Goofy's Race & a Half Challenge for the future, because who wouldn’t want to run nearly 40 miles in a weekend? But hey, you get three prestigious medals and at least a full month of bragging rights. ;)

See the Champion Innovation Lab athletes take on the Walt Disney World Half Marathon on Saturday, January 9th and the full marathon on Sunday, January 10th which will take runners through all four Walt Disney World® Theme Parks starting at Epcot®, continuing on to the Magic Kingdom® Park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park and Disney’s Hollywood Studios™ and then back to Epcot® for an exhilarating finish.
For more information, please visit and

I’m just getting revved up here, as there might be a chance for a wicked cool giveaway sponsored by Champion! Yay!  Stay tuned...


  1. YIPPEE!! You are my Champion.. OK see you in the AM, time and pace from your email sound great!!

  2. You really are a Champion, Zoe!
    Have a great run!

  3. I've been buying the Champion sports bras from Target for awhile now and they are great.

  4. Yes! Love the Champion gear as well lady!

  5. I would love to wear all those cute sports bras at Target (hot pink what?!?) but my girls are so big that they look like a truck stop saggy hooker set when I wear one of those bras .... :(

    I do love some other C9 things though, specifically my running skirts. They are way comfy and cute.

  6. Very cool post Zoe. I am going to pay a visit to Target this weekend and see what they got as far as Champion is concerned. I am my own CHampion by taking care of me. Have a great Weekend.

  7. I'll have to check out those sports bras. I've been hunting for a good one for awhile.

  8. ooh nostalgia...I remember fondly my royal blue mesh Champion basketball shorts. I wore them until the waistband finally gave out in the washing machine one day! I LOVE the new Champion bras at Target! And they are affordable!

  9. I am so jealous of the DW marathoners. Maybe next year!

  10. "My pace doesn't define me"

    I love that!!!

  11. i love the C9 bras etc from target!! And I think it's fantastic that they are the sponsors of the WDW Goofy Challenge....

  12. You are an athlete and a champion in my book! Champion should sponsor you as their spoke person:)

  13. The long-sleeved performance tees that Champion provided for the races are awesome! I love mine its so soft and breathable! All the official race gear was also made my Champion and I bought a performance zip up that I love! And that's fave sportsbra is from C9 too =)

  14. I loooove the C9 stuff at Target--love, love, love!


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