Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Homemade Hills & Blog Love

You know, of the treadmill variety?  Yeah, I did those today.  Holy crap!  Ran 2 minutes of 3% then ran 2 minutes of 7% inclines on the treadmill--for 40 minutes.  I think I might have sweat the equivalent of my body weight.  It was like a race!  But in the end, it's extremely rewarding and I felt very powerful after conquering those indoor hills.  Boo ya!

Speaking of rewarding, I received a little blog love from my dear running buddy, Kerrie, when she passed me the following blog award:

To accept this award, I must reveal 7 facts about myself and then pass it along to 7 bloggers.  It's like an award baton!  Alrighty then:

  1. I was the only person in the world with my name.  Then I got married and my last name changed.  Now, it's not so unique.  Bummer...
  2. I have five amazing siblings that I would do anything for.  I love them to pieces.
  3. I love sci-fi books and movies, but I'm seriously not a fan of aliens (the ones that are green, with almond-shaped eyes and oval heads...hate them...they ruin things for me). 
  4. There are two extra bones in my right foot, and one in my left.
  5. My most embarrassing moment involved: senior year in HS, a rubber duck squirt toy, the entire swim team watching, me demonstrating a dive, my butt being squirted with said toy duck, me belly flopping hardcore.  Caused: Extreme blushing, shame, hiding underwater in the deep end, and plans for redemption (or revenge?).  
  6. I read magazines backwards, starting at the back and working my way to the front. 
  7. My "stripper" name (the name of your first pet + your mom's maiden name) is Rainbow Fish.  No joke. And my first pet was a fish. *sigh*
Passing the virtual Beautiful Blogger baton:
Joanna at Fitness & Spice 
Jeri at JerBear Shares 
Penny (& Velcro) at Planet Ynnep Running 

...So, what's your "stripper" name? :)


  1. Yeah for extra bones! I love your list. And my stripper name is so boring that it need not be shared ...

  2. Love this list!! Gives me more things to talk to you about on our weekend runs... Speaking of??

  3. Ugh. Treadmill hills- all uphill and NO downhill. Torture. Good job getting through it!

  4. I love the list! Great stripper name! Haha. I don't even have one - no named pets (just fish).

    Way to conquer the treadmill hills!

  5. hahaha a friend of mines is "Ginger Bush" no joke.

  6. Great list! Thanks for the award!!
    I read magazines from back to front also. Can't help it.

  7. Awesome that the extra bones in your foot haven't affected your running!! Great list :)

  8. Wow, I'm honored and flattered to have received the "blogger baton"! I'll have to think about the 7 things I have to reveal. Hmmmm..... Now, answer me this; how in the world do you run so fast with those extra bones in your feet???

  9. haha. fun little random list. lol at your stripper name! i'm tuesday diaz. named my first dog after the day of the week i got him... yeahhhh. haha.

  10. Awesome list... I love random facts. It's a fun way to get to know somebody.

    Did you ever get revenge for the duck squirt incident??

  11. Stripped name = Tok Southam (hmph).

    Gah, you're reminding me that I need to run hills! But, since I slept in this AM, I'm going to have to do a speed workout on the treadmill to get me home in time for dinner--boo!

  12. You are a hoot! I love your list. A lot.

    P.S. Thanks for the award! I'm thrilled ;-)

  13. If it makes you feel better, I don't remember you belly-flopping or any of that story and I was on swim team with you...so it must be more personal embarrassment than public embarrassment. :)

    Loved the list. Loving reading your blog -- very inspiring.


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