Sunday, January 3, 2010

Better Late Than Never!


Where in the world have I been, you wonder?  Well, cleaning/entertaining/running (a little)/working...blah blah blah.  No excuse though, especially since my last couple of posts were last year and made me look like a scorned trucker (I'll explain).  But I'm back and ready to start 2010 with more adventures...

Considering my first run of the new year was way less than exciting and ended with slightly less mileage than anticipated AND more walking (ugh).  The back of my left knee started acting up after this hill I tackled--with surprising ease, I might add.  Perhaps this is why I got "injured."  The hill jinxed me because I conquered it and even stuck my tongue out at it.  Yes, I think it cursed me.  Swell.  So what did I do?  I lifted weights with Travis and Jeff, which was a good idea at the time, but now I'm hurt and sore.  Can't win them all, I guess...

So enough of the woe-is-me attitude.  Let's recap the last few days:
  • I had a fantastic New Year celebration at my house with some great friends, and the clean up was a breeze (score!).
  • I decided to try Oh She Glows' Whittle My Middle challenge yesterday.  Holy smokes!  It's a doozy but hurts SO GOOD.  Definitely check it out, as it's a great core strengthening workout for runners. Going to complete Day #2 after this post. 
  • Today was a long run with Tall Mom Mel again.  No, I swear I'm not stalking her and chasing her down the trail...we meet up on purpose. Mel, come ba-ack! Ha ha!  On the docket was 10 miles, which I was a wee bit nervous about because of the whole knee situation, but I seriously didn't want to disappoint my running buddy with some sub-par mileage.  Plus, I was determined to finish, even if it meant crawling through the last gravel part of the trail.  And, voila!, we did 10 miles!  I opted for walking up the bad parts of the last hill, aka "Hell Hill".  However Mel ran the entire thing!  That's her in the pic below, the tall speck:
This hill is in the last 1/2 mile of the run, and it sucks.  But it's a great feeling running up that hill. :)  Our total time, despite some walking, was 1:36:02.  Yay!  That brings my current year mileage to 13.5!  A half!

So, I promised to explain the whole reason I hate don't like nekkid semis.  As a kid, I spent a lot of time on the East Coast in an area where there were lots of arterial/two-way roads with no sidewalk.  The traffic wasn't bad at all, and so my little sisters and I would ride our bikes on the shoulder on a daily basis.  One particular time there was a lot of construction going on in the area and consequently a whole fleet of big, black, semi trucks carried dirt and supplies everywhere.  These trucks were MEAN looking and wicked LOUD, especially to a little girl on a purple bike that is mere inches away from the truck as it passes by.  Holy crap.  It scarred me for life.  And I think nekkid semis just conjure up those memories.  That's my story, yo. Go ahead and judge. :P

Just a couple things before I sign off on my first post of 2010:

I love my bloggy friends and am super grateful for each and every one of you.  Sometimes I wonder how you all even stand my ramblings. :)  You all rock!  Thank you so much!

If you have a Dailymile account, please add me as a friend!  I'm totally digging this site for tracking mileage.

Please check out miss Robin's first giveaway on Running Circles Around the Turtles.  She's rad. :)

**Sunday Shout-Outs**
Kerrie, Mel & Amanda:  Can't wait to run the Mercer Island Half with you!
Katye Happy 21st birthday, girlie!
Noah Thank you for making my day with your comment about how my blog makes you laugh.  Yay!
Rachael Thank you for the cute purple gloves and the NERDS.  They actually saved me today on my run.  The gloves, not the NERDS.  Those actually broke my tooth.  Gee, thanks for the broken tooth and warm hands!  Hee hee!  (Just playin')  ;)
Mary:  Got the Misto in the mail and it's wicked awesome!  Thanks!
Billy:  It's not a purse, it's called a satchel.  Indiana Jones wears one.


  1. I'm very jealous you get to run with Tall Mom. One of these days I'd love to run with all of you.

  2. I joined DailyMile but don't know if I love it yet. I have been using run log for so long I think I am just used to it. I am going to try to stick with it at least through January and use both until I have a more informed decision.

  3. thanks so much for the shout out Zoe (please explain to me how to add the umlaut...if the accent mark is an umlaut haha)!!! I madly love all my new blog friends as well

  4. How is it that you guys are so cute after a 10 mile run?! Holy perfect skin on the both of ya! I wouldn't dare snap a shot of me in all my sweaty glory after a run. You guys are all glow-y and beautiful!

    I totally get the nekkid semi fear. I had some childhood run-ins with tiny, car drivin' clowns that has left me deeply disturbed. No judgments here.

  5. Okay, I don't blame you for the nekkid semi fear. That sounds awful!

    Glad you were able to do all 10 miles and hope that knee feels better soon!

  6. Hi Zoe!

    First off you, tall mom, and amanda from 5 miles to empty are like my bloggy celebrities! lol you are all such an inspiration!!

    second i laughed so hard when I read that you had stuck your tongue out at a hill! I think I am not going to do that just in case it really does jinx you. haha

    last off I totally thought I was a follower but I think I have just been clicking on your blog from other peoples. lol I had to share the silliness of that with someone!

    I am now "officially" a follower!

    Happy running Zoe!

  7. WIll have to check out Dailymile, although I am a little NERVOUS to add yet another internet addiction.

    Running with you was yet again a up in the next few minutes..

    That photo is FUNNY, actually makes me feel good because I had a POSITIVE vibe that entirely LONG hill.

    Hugs to new running paths, for me anyway, and a FUN HAlf Marathon in the months to come..

  8. Shout out! What What!
    I love those purple gloves, I'm going to get myself a pair because of the snowflakes :)
    Sorry about the Nerds ... I would of never thought that possible. But ... you may have crossed that impossible line ...

  9. Easy. Hangover.

    But I'm oh so glad you thought of me when a man purse/satchel's mentioned.

  10. Yay for meeting your mileage total on that long run--despite not being 100%. I did NOT meet my mileage totals--boo! It was soooo cold and I'm not used to the cold--I was all sorts of layered up, but, my legs would just not move. Ugh! Learning experience I guess.

  11. Great first post of 2010! love it!

    totally get the semi fear now ... makes total sense.

  12. happy new year!! i have been run into the ditch one too many times from 18-wheelers on 2-lane roads without much shoulder... they definitely suck!

  13. Just like Ferris Wheels and me. To this day I will not set foot on one!


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