Monday, December 7, 2009

Wheezy McWheezerson

Still sick. Still trying to fight this dumb cold. And still stupid enough to attempt a jog on the treadmill.
Yeah. BAD idea.

I only had it on 6mph and a 5% incline (with about 2 minutes of 15% incline insanity thrown in)...only ran a mile. Still managed to find myself nearly passing out because I couldn't catch my breath. Also, my heart was beating so fast I felt it was going to jump out of my congested chest. Nice visual, eh?

Oh well. My fault for pushing it a little too much on the incline. But hey, I ran a mile! Woo hoo! And I'm alive to type this little post! Double woo hoo! Now, I'm off to attempt a little germ homicide via mouthwash gargling.

So far: Germs 1 Zoë 0

Oh, it's ON.


  1. I was always told to continue with exercise as normal if your symptoms are above the shoulders. Anything below means you need to take time off. So, if you have cough, it's in your lungs and that means no running.

  2. Take some time and rest up! Sounds like the germs have the edge, just let them win for a day or two. FEEL BETTER!

  3. Take a breathing treatment!!
    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. SAd feel better buddy!! OK so I am totally thinking about the 5K this weekend. If the same field showed up from last year I could possibly WIN, not that I am competitive or anything..


  5. If it's in the head go a head, if it's in the chest... REST!!!

  6. Zoe,

    Take a break and get well. You don't want to inflame and make it worse. Good Job on the mile though. lol. Hope your gargling turns to be more productive. lol. Have a good one!

  7. I wish I had something creative to say, like Morgan...but all I have is a Get Better Soon!!!

  8. Ugh sorry about the cold! Look at you 5% incline when you're sick? Wow!

  9. This post should be renamed Stubborn McStubbornson. Take it easy there lass. Let your body get better.

  10. rest up and feel better! take advantage of the excuse to be lazy :)


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