Thursday, December 17, 2009

Scotch & Cabbage

Sounds appetizing right? Let me explain...

Tomorrow is my department's holiday potluck and I signed up to bring a dish. Since you all know I don't cook (except if you count pouring milk into a bowl full of cereal or adding the heaping scoops of coffee to the machine), I wanted to bring a dish that I do know how to make: Ramen Cabbage Salad. Liz's mom got me straight up HOOKED to this salad, it's absolutely delicious. Not sure if the dressing is particularly good for you, but I decided to forgo making it from scratch and bought an equivalent. There is cooking involved however...browning the sesame seeds, raw ramen noodles and seasoning over the stove (you know, that hot thing I don't mess around with often). The rest is chopping the napa and savoy cabbage and green onions. *phew* I'm tired now!

I did learn that Murphy likes cabbage, especially the stalks of the savoy--here's to hoping he doesn't get sick. He tried to be all slick when I stepped out of the kitchen for a moment, but I caught him and he left behind these:
See those sneaky little paw prints? Yeah, Murph's not very good at getting away with something. He's like me: he can't lie to save his life. :)

Now onto the Scotch. This isn't just your average's the Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Why did I partake in a little bitty sipping drink of this $200 bottle of liquor? Well, the Blue makes his debut when milestones are hit by Jeff or Travis (or any other event that is worthy--which isn't many). Today, us three celebrated Jeff attaining his bench lifting max weight of 315 lbs. Woo hoo! He's been working towards this goal for a loooooong time, so that drink was well deserved.

See? It kinda has something to do with fitness. Kinda.

Other than "cooking" tonight, I took a rest day on running. My foot has been a little mean the past couple of days, so I've got my eye on it. Grrrr. But I'm definitely looking forward to running with Mel on Saturday and then Liz on Sunday. :D

And so I leave you with some fellow blogger giveaways:
Alright folks, I'm out. G'night!


  1. Oh yeah, Scotch could be considered healthy if you mix it with cabbage. That's definitely healthy. I'm with you!

    Be careful with your foot! You could just be prolonging your injury if you don't take enough time off from it. ;)

  2. Check out my blog today, I posted a little something about YOU!
    Send me your mailing address my dear ...

  3. yummmmmmmm i love ramen noodles! i have such an expensive palate... sounds like a great recipe to me by default :)

  4. I like how you tied Scotch in with working out. Well done!

  5. Well. If I would have known that you were breaking out the Blue Label I would have caught an early flight to the Northwest!

    Hope your run went well today!

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