Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh yeah...Water!

I'm not drinking enough H2O. Mad toe cramps today. Oops! I'll work on that.

Also, a confession: I haven't run since Sunday's 15 miler. GAH! I did a little barefoot 15% incline walking on the tready for about 20 minutes tonight. Alas, it doesn't count in my mind.

A couple of little links/giveaways to check out:

Run Faster Mommy's Raffle to support the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults
RunninAround's Luna Moon Giveaway

Getting ready for the New Year over here! More later...


  1. The 15 miler counts for a few days :) So should I worry that you did not comment on my post about our run?? Hmmm...

    Watch The Hangover yesterday and Julie and Julia today.. Good times.

    I should probably go to bed now. HUGS! GEt a pretty water bottle and carry it everywhere, that helped me..

  2. I am focusing on water, too! I'm either really good about my water intake or really way off track! As of Saturday...I'm back to 4L a day. GULP!

  3. Thanks for the shoutout!

    I SERIOUSLY don't drink enough water. I need to add that to my 2010 list!

  4. I usually drink enough water, which is great except for the constant trips to the bathroom. That makes drinking water a truly interactive experience.

  5. I'm thirsty too!!! Traveling makes me dehydrated big time... and I can't claim any bigger running distances as the culprit. Eek, need to work on this!

  6. I haven't been drinking enough water either. Back home now and hope to get back on track.

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