Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh the Weather Outside is Weather

Before I got dressed in my uber layers, I checked the current temp: 26 degrees F. Huh, warmer than last night (Ha ha, "warmer!"). This time around I just wore my regular leggings from Nordstrom Rack under my new red Running Skirt. Not too shabby! I still was all over the place in terms of matching really...oh well. Sometimes I'm such a girl. This time around I didn't wear my "windshield" and just hoped that my contact lenses wouldn't freeze to my eyeballs (and they didn't! WIN!).

I set off at a decent pace, roughly 8:30 mile, but after struggling up that first annoying hill I realized I forgot to take a puff from my inhaler before starting. Crap. After slowing it down at the top for a bit, I caught my breath and just kept going. I swear that hill is like my kryptonite...every. single. time. Grrr!

The skies were completely clear and all the Christmas lights were lit throughout the neighborhood. I was like a kid getting excited about the little white twinkling lights and oooh-ing and ahhh-ing to myself--all while listening to crazy mosh-pit metal by System of a Down. How appropriate, right? It even smelled like snow. :)

So, as I was nearing the end of mile 3, I noticed a large stream of ice in the gutter originating from a house a few yards ahead. Um, then I noticed the smell of soap. And the crazy ice patch that completely covered this person's driveway and sidewalk. And LO, I behold a freshly washed Geo Storm upon said driveway. Um, seriously. SERIOUSLY? There was a sudsy mess of ice/soap/car grime on the sidewalk and in the street. I did my best ballet leap over the mini ice rink and kept running. Why in the world would you even think of washing your car in the evening when it's 26 freakin' degrees?!?! Is it because it's a red Geo Storm? Ah yes! Now it all makes sense...

Anyway, the rest of the run was less eventful than the snowman car wash weirdness. The back of my left knee was hurting a little, especially up the last steep hill, but stretching it has helped. That's a new pain for me. Hmmm.

Stats for tonight's 4.1 miles:
Avg pace: 8:27
Avg # of numb fingers: 4

Ta DA! And it's Friday tomorrow, people. Hurray!

**Bonus points if you can name the origin of the title of this post (actor/movie)**


  1. I think you look adorable!

    So those regular ol' tights/leggings from nordies worked just fine? I mean, popsicles for legs ain't cool ...

    It's finally warming up here too, I expect a morning temp of 27 degrees ... score!

  2. I agree with look adorable! I love the, love, love it!

  3. brrrr. 18 w/ "feels like" of 11 here. at least it's double digits today i guess? lol.

    what is up with washing the car in the cold? uhhh that's what the carwash is for. sit inside where it's warm!

    nice job getting out in the cold to run!

  4. Love the skirt! Seriously, 26 degrees?!?! That is treadmill temperature for me!

  5. any hill seems to be my kryptonite lol. kudos to you for getting out there!

  6. Hope your fingers thawed out ok. So they had to wash there red geo storm huh? lol. Well, to each their own, or whatever I guess. Great job on the run. Keep it going! Have a good one Zoe!

  7. Oh, I hadn't even though about the possibility of running at night to see the Christmas lights up close! I hate running at night, though, but that sounds like fun! I may have to check it out. Of course, our cold here at night has been in the high 40s lately, not quite the temps you've got up there, because then I'd probably be glued to a heater :)

  8. UGH - it's killing me! Where is the title of your blog taken from??

    You're seriously a studette. Anything below 40 degrees and I'm mostly likely staying in. Good to know that contacts didn't freeze on your eyeballs though. I need to know these things.

  9. LMAO about the Geo! WTF?!?!?

    Ok I agree with everyone else, you look adorable! Run it girl!

  10. You look adorable!! Its terribly cold out. Never have I wanted Spring weather to get here so fast. I normally enjoy the cold, but when you're running it in.. uh, not so much. I feel for your poor numb fingers :)

  11. Your picture on FB made me want to run and I was totally dreaming of bundling up and getting out today but I'm super sick and there is no running in the future for today. :(

  12. "Snowman carwash"! LOL! That cracked me up. You go girl for getting out there in the dark.

  13. Funny post and cute outfit. I like to match too but no too matchy matchy lol.

    Umm, maybe the person with the Geo Storm had a hot date or something :)

  14. Hmm. That outfit would be turning heads around here! Just my luck I'd turn my head just in time to hit the ice! I can't believe that someone would do that. Sounds like a SoCal transplant if you ask me.

    Way to go and get the run done! You're making me feel fuilty here. It's 50 and raining otside, so I decided to stay in. Yes. I am a wimp!!!!

  15. You are so cute! Maybe System will make a holiday CD that you and I would like! :) Good job for getting out there!!


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