Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Gotta Feeling

The plan was for an easy 3 - 4 miles. Ha ha ha ha! Right. The weather/music/moon combination turned me into a speedy, happy running girl. I felt like I was flying! I even cruised up the toughest hill in my neighborhood, all while thinking to myself "why couldn't I fly up those hills during the half???" Oh well, now I know that I need to work on killah hills some more.
But anyway, back to this amazing run of mine..
I ended up going 4 miles in 33 minutes. And I even focused on my running form/stride the entire time. It must've been the new music I had downloaded for the race:
Kesha - Tik Tok
Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling & Boom Boom Pow
Jay Sean - Down
Enur - Calabria 2008
Britney Spears - 3
(Yeah yeah, I know...Britney, huh? Well, the song is catchy...)
I didn't really like the Tik Tok song when I first heard it on the radio, but it grew on me hardcore. Fun music! Woohoo!

So, I discovered a fun little feature for the Seattle Marathon results. Here's where I stand in terms of the rest of the runners. The further to the right, the faster. Yay!
Pretty rad, huh?
Also, there was a nifty map that showed where you were compared to another runner (or the overall winner of the race). I looked up where I was when John Curley finished (yeah, I didn't beat him...again...grrrrr). I was at the yellow arrow when he crossed the finish line:
Argh! A little more than 1.2 miles behind him! Bummer! It's not the last time I'll be trying to beat him. Apparently I was not even to the 8th mile when the overall winner of the half finished. Sun on the beach! That's fast.

Next in the cards is the Jingle Bell Dash on the 13th. Just a fun little 5K that benefits arthritis research. And of course, I'll be wearing jingle bells. ;)

P.S. A fun little fact about my race results...this is what the little feature had to say:
"For the record, you were ahead of about 59% of male finishers"


  1. OMG. When I saw that feature about the "male" finishers, I thought about you! Hahaha! You rocked it girl. I need to work on hills. I heard Mercer Island has its fair share. I hope you we can all do it together. Is it too "high school" to want to make hair ribbons for the race?

  2. Hair ribbons? Not at all too high school! In fact, I wore a black polka dot ribbon in my hair on Sunday for the half. :)

  3. Very Cool Post! I'm thinking it was the Black Eyed Peas that got you going. lol. Cool charts and graphics. I, myself, started doing some major hill training. Have fun and......Keep Running!

  4. haha. nice job beating those boys!!

    i love that tik tok song. good beat.

  5. You rocked it Zoe! Those stats are so cool ... I would love to see things like that after finishing.

    Good luck on the upcoming 5K ...

    As for the hair bows that Kerrie mentioned ... we rock them all the time here. I have one to match everyone of my skirts! Love that you wore one in the half1

  6. HAHAHA, I love the comment about betaing the men! Yeah, they had this feature for my marathon... um, it was kind of depressing for me--but, hey, I finished--all that matters!

    I did a hill workout today--hated it, but, it will make me faster. Or, at least this is what I tell myself as I'm cursing the blasted hills!!

  7. What a COOL feature...Love it!! See those are the fun things that come with a well organized big race..

    Hugs to such a quick recovery and back to RUNNING!!

  8. The entire Black Eyed Peas CD has great running music. Man you are fast. Very cool features there, interesting stats. And woo hoo for being faster than 59% of the guys!

  9. LMAO at the "suckaz" that feature is so neat!!!

  10. that's really cool that they give you those visuals along w/the stats. way to goooooooo! and I'm currently obsessed w/Tik Tok, prob my fave running song at the moment. :)

  11. I love the BEP songs! Way back in August, Amanda at 5 Miles 2 Empty mentioned I Gotta a Feeling and linked to it in one of her posts...I immediately picked it up from itunes, along w/ BBP, and listen to them every time I run... makes me think of her and our running/blogging friends. :-) Will have to check out the other one you mentioned. And yes, even at (nearly) 43, I have to admit: I like Britney's music. Does that make me weird? Ha Ha!

    I'm with Shabby Princess: my stats will (are) always a bit glum, but as she said: we finished! (and I'll add - we STARTED!)... yay! Great job beating the boys..lol


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