Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gu, Gus & Gummy Candy

Wow. I'm really having a lazy weekend, and yet not. Weird.

Yesterday I trekked down south a couple towns to run with Mel for 10 miles, and it was a very fun/hilarious run. :) The morning was really foggy, which made the surrounding hills and treeline look like it was straight from a dream. And it was only mildly drizzling, more like misting, the entire time...not bad though. The trail itself had some really beautiful views, especially by the river, and we definitely saw our fair share of animals. Um, buffalo? Yup! Giant hawk? Double yup! Brown moo cows? Of course! (I love the word "moo" so I must use it when I get the opportunity)

Mel was awesome to let me try out a new Gu flavor, Mint Chocolate. Now, I'm a Gu newbie, so after hearing horror stories of explosive poo and stomach cramps, I was a wee bit nervous on trying it on a 10 miler. But hey, none of that happened! WIN! And my goodness, anything that combines Mint and Chocolate is worthy of trying...and it was delicious! I wanted to just slather it on a muffin and call it good. Very tasty. However, since I'm not used to the consistency, I was a little nervous of getting suffocated by the Gu as I took it. It's a little thick for my liking, but I did feel that it helped my energy levels. Mel gave me a sample of Gu Chomps to try out (chewy gummy candy? don't mind if I do). I'll give Gu another try soon though. :)

Also interesting was that Gus was not really syncing the miles with Mel's Garmin (Gus' identical twin). We would hear the mile beeps at different times.
According to Gus:
10.01 miles, 1:35:51 total time, 9:34 avg pace

Hmmmm. Perhaps Gus was just too excited about the trail run. ;)

Then I lifted weights in the trusty garage for 25 minutes and proceeded to make my arms useless for the rest of the evening. GAH!

OH! Apparently I came in 3rd place in my age group for the Christmas Rush 10K last Saturday, as I received a cute little white ribbon in the mail. Woot!

YAY for Sundays!


  1. Oh I have to look at my stats, my guess is that I started my Garmin late.. Thank you sooooooo much for driving South and tromping through 10 miles with me.. Had a blast and would love to go on another Long run soon..

    Happy Sunday!

  2. I have so many inappropriate jokes in that part about getting down Gu's, the consistency, etc, etc...

    Let's just moo-ve on, shall we?

    Still dunno where the "lazy weekend" part was BTW. Sounds pretty darn productive to me.

  3. Sounds like you two had lots of fun! And you are brave to try the Gu. I'm chicken. :)

    Awesome job!

  4. I love the word Moo too! And kudos for trying the Gu ... I have heard so many horror stories there is NO WAY I would give it a go!

  5. Have you tried Clif Bloks? They are a lot less messy than goo. I love running/cycling with those instead! Sounds like a great run!

  6. I usually take a hit of Gu at a time and swish it up with water to "break it down" some before swallowing... wow this really does sound inappropriate... thanks Billy Burger for putting my mind in the gutter!!! LMAO!

  7. Sounds like a fun run. I'm so jealous that you guys get to run together :(

  8. My nameless GArmin:

    10.01 miles
    9:39 pace

    *I did not stop my watch when we looked at the BIG bird.

    FYI you were the only one who got my Anchorman quote.. Hehehehe!!

    Am I am totally up to run whenever.. My last day at work is the 23rd then I am off until after the New Year.. I promise not to make you be test buddy again.. Well unless a company sends me some x-sall running gear..

  9. I'm jealous that you had a LR buddy. That would be a lot of fun!


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