Monday, December 21, 2009

Spur of the Moment 5K

First off, I'd like to give a big Thank You to Rachael at The Beginning Runner's Blog for her awesome little runner's care package I received in the mail today! It's like Christmas! Oh wait. Yeeeeaaaahhh. :) Love the cute purple gloves and the beautiful card! Just wanted to let you know that Murphy was very interested in the package and helped me "unpack." He's a handy little kitty.A random thing that happened yesterday on my little 4 mile jaunt around the neighborhood...I ran into THIS:
Of-freakin-course this is on one of my cul-de-sac routes. A tractor trailer minus the trailer--a nekkid semi, if you will. These things FREAK ME OUT. I hate them. They're ok when they're pulling something, but when they are just a giant engine on a bunch of wheels...yeah no. Can't deal. So, I had to take a picture of the scary black semi just chillin' in my 'hood. Normally on this little loop I run on that side, but there's no sidewalk and I would not even try to run around and in front of this monster because WHO KNOWS if it starts up and chases me! EEK!! *Sidenote: I mentioned this to Mel on our 10 miler on Saturday because we saw one on the road near the trail...see Mel? I'm dead serious about this fear!*

Ok. I'm done freaking out.

Onto much more "cooler" things. Actually more like "colder."
Tonight I decided last minute to participate in the little 5K Bonney Lake Fleet Feet fun run. I surprised Mel and her Muscle Man right before the little trek through the neighborhood. They were decked out in holiday garb! I was ill prepared as I decided to run an hour before the event and it turns out I wore ninja black for a night eh? I'll just say that I stuck to the sidewalks most of the time. At least my layers helped because it was freezing! The run ended up just over 2 miles, but the neighborhoods we ran through had some gorgeous Christmas lights!

It was fun to just go out and run with a bunch of people. Definitely more exciting than running my same 'ol neighborhood all by my lonesome. Thanks for the invite, Mel!

And no, we were not partaking in any celebratory ganja...the haze is from just a little fog on the camera. Geez! :P

Overall, I had an interesting evening full of laughter, running, and sneezing. Yes, sneezing. Some crazy sneeze monster exploded in my nose and caused me to have almost a 15 minute gesundheit-fest. And boy, I'm tired now! G'night!


  1. Hay Zoe,

    Okay, I'm LMAO about the 'nekkid semi.' That is just freakin' hilarious! LOL with you friend, not at you! We all have our issues... I'm just sayin'! :-) Guess the driver was home (or visiting someone) in your neighborhood and just needed to park his harmless monster?? LOL

    Care packages... how awesome! Lucky you! And sweet bloggy runner friend.

    And to get to run w/ Mel and Muscle Man - with Christmas lights... how totally fun! Looks like you guys had a great time, and I really thought it was ganja (sp?)... ha ha!

    Happy Holidays, Zoe!

    It's COLD here in Orlando, too... in the 40s this morning.. hee hee!


  2. Christmas light runs are so much fun! Totally cool that you surprised Mel.

    Really? A fear of Semis? even when they are parked? Funny. But then again, I am afraid of matches ... so really I guess it's not that strange!

    Happy Holidays!

  3. How fun!!! I wish we had some fun runs like this around here! Yay for another meet up with Mel!

  4. I can't remember if I told you or not...I used to be an editor for PACCAR, the parent company for Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks. So, I used to be a little nervous around those big trucks, too, but then I saw them in the plant where they are just little baby semis -- bolts and a chassis -- so I'm not so scared anymore. In fact, I think that picture IS a Peterbilt. Hmmm, it might be a Kenworth. Definitely not a Volvo or a Freightliner.

    So jealous that you got to go on the Christmas light run. I was packing and wrapping till midnight.

    Merry Christmas to you and your hubs!

    PS: Don't freak out, but because of your post, Google Ads is putting semi truck advertisements on your page!

  5. What fun idea! I hadn't even thought about a holiday lights run. Something I think I'll need to look forward to finding next year.

    So you're scared of semis huh? You need toad the movie Duel to your Halloween watching list.

    Sounds like you're definitely into the holiday spirit! Have a Merry Christmas!

  6. Oh no!!! With your fear of nekkid semis and my fear of Dogs we may be a funny pair..

    THANK YOU THANK YOU for the wonderful surprise!! Sorry we lost you for a while there. It was fun chatting after the race although I know you were FREEZING!! We should have you and your hubby over for dinner sometime, let our muscle men talk shop.. HEHE

    Hugs to you and fun Christmas lights you are AWESOME!!

    Ummmm what are you doing Sunday? Latte 15 miler?? Hmmmmmm?????

  7. Well my kitty Suzy helped me pack that package up ... cute cute!
    Thank you for helping me name my Garmin!
    I wish there was a Christmas lights fun run around here! Bummer ...

  8. lol about the celebratory ganja... suuuure you weren't ;)

    looks like a fun christmas light run! any big truck freaks me out. too funny about the "nekkid" ones.

  9. Just came over from you DailyMile post - I totally relate you your fear of Nekkie Semi's out for vengence. I have a fear that the road is two narrow - usually strikes at night on an interstate when I have to pass a semi. My sister-in-law has a fear that her car will go end over end down steep hills...we are not crazy! You just never know when something freaky will happen....loved your blog and keep up the miles!


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