Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Can you spot a Tall Mom?

I was going through my Flickr account and looking at past races, and I remembered that Mel from Tall Mom on The Run ran the NW Trek Run Wild race in September. Hmmmm, I thought...my dad and Travis took quite a few photos, maybe Mel is in there somewhere?
Can you find her?
*Hint: Orange you glad you spotted her?*

Just thought I'd share. ;)


  1. I spotted her no problem, even without the hint!

  2. LOL! That's awesome! :)

    So how is our little half marathon finisher feeling today???

  3. I spotted her too without the hint :)

  4. ha! saw her immediately, too funny!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog Zoe. Your thoughts are appreciated.

    And normally I would agree with you about rest. But Sunday was just pur procrastination until it was too late to run. This early in a cycle I shouldn't need the rest yet. If I do, then I'm in trouble.

  6. Too funny! I spotted her right away. Small world.

  7. lol. cornball! and you are kind of a stalker? ;) haha.

  8. What in the Monkey am I doing with my arm?? So WEIRD!! I love that you did this Zoe...crack me up that we were at the same race but had no idea..

    What did your other 1/2 say about Mercer Island??

  9. Note Muscle Man is just behind the lady with the black shirt and punk stripes.. It was his birthday and I left him in the dust just after the gun went off.. I am a little competitive..


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