Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Running Vampire Bite

No, it's not a hickey, or one of those pesky Running Vampire bites (because there are a lot of vampires here in the Northwest)...it's a blister from my running vest. Ouch! I wanted to put a really cute Hello Kitty band-aid on it, but my coworker nixed the idea as "juvenile" and "silly." Oh well. Apparently I will be using Body Glide on my neck for the race on Sunday. :)
Today I purchased a new Nike running cap so that Trav can spot me easier amongst the half marathon craziness. It's white and a bright raspberry color. I originally purchased this top:

But it was vetoed by the hubby as being too pricey (even after the near hyperthermia I experienced after running Sunday). Bummer. So, it's officially on my wishlist for Christmas (*hint*hint* Trav!). It is such an awesome color...my coworker said I would match a road cone. Woohoo! See how wicked cool I'd look? (Yeah, I'm the Headless Horseman).

Yowza! That's bright!

Anyway, yesterday was a lifting/stretching day according to training. Today is just a little 3-4 miler. I'm ready!


  1. Love the top and how it is long. Maybe Santa will bring it to you. Good luck in your race!

  2. I always end up going a bit overboard with running clothes. No biggie, right? I love the shirt. Def wont' be able to miss you in the crowd of runners. :)

  3. It looks great with that skirt! LOL!

  4. I love that shirt! I tend to like shopping for athletic gear more than regular clothes!

  5. Zoe,

    Hope you get what you want for Christmas! I'm sure you will find it coming your way. Cool post. I love how you utilize wit in your writing! Keep it up!

  6. I love that shirt ... and the "vampire bite" - hilarious. Hope it heals quickly

  7. I LOVE the color!! It's gorgeous! And on that note... getting ready for the Seattle Half?? Somehow I missed that and need to fix immediately! Look for a 'late-breaking' shout-out over at the Turtles blog today! :-)

    Hugs from Orlando,


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