Sunday, November 29, 2009

Seattle Half Marathon Recap

It all came down to today's 13.1Wow! What a day! My brain hasn't quite wrapped around what happened exactly, so this may be all over the place. First, I'm happy to report that I figured out how to do mile splits on Gus. It's actually pretty easy: Garmin Forerunner 305 --> Menu -->Training --> Training Options --> Auto Lap: Set by Distance @ 1 mile. Ta da! It is such an amazing feature, and I'm still wickedly grateful to Coach Fish for this cool gadget I call Gus. :)

I'll start from the beginning. Woke up this morning after having some really weird race dreams that had to do with spiders and pirates, and apparently me running away from them (Ok...throw in a couple of ninjas and it'd be a party). Quickly got changed and double-checked all my equipment batteries and made sure I had my post-run G2 (the lemon-lime is mighty tasty btw) from the fridge. Made myself some wheat toast but forgot I didn't have PB! Oh no! So, I used a little butter. Gave Murphy a goodbye/goodluck kiss thenTrav and I were off...

As we were driving to downtown, I was checking the two iPod earbuds that I brought along because both of them are a little wonky. Well, one pair had only one side that worked--garbage. The second pair I was just about to test out when my iPhone completely went blank. Um. What? Yeah... Tried holding down buttons, Travis tried calling my phone. Nothing. Completely blank. WTH?! I only mildly started to panic at this point (and we had just come up to the Mercer exit, which is always backed up and anxiety-inducing), then the iPhone was like "Sike! Tricked ya, didn't I?!" *&($@)*$#*()!! PHEW, crisis averted. This was the only little stress outbreak I had for the day; anxiety WIN.

We parked easily enough and the start line was less than a block away. Trav took a quick picture of me pre-race and kissed me goodbye. There was about 10 minutes until the Half Marathon start, so I just listened to my music (with one earbud shorting out...bummer!) and zoned out. I took a couple of iPhone pics (see Space Needle pic above) because it was so awesome being surrounded by runners and the city lights. Before I knew it we were off! I scanned the crowds for Trav after passing over the mats, and I found him and waved...he tried to take a pic of me, but there was a dude in the way (see me with my blue gloves, waving behind dude in white hat?). From here on out it was just me and my music. And perhaps a LOT of people watching. I saw a boy that looked no older than 9 running, a woman that seriously could have doubled as the Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz...but with a strange/scary running gait, and a handful of people that kind of ran like Phoebe from Friends (and that made me giggle a little). I'm sure I looked like an idiot at some point too. :)

Mile 1: 8:27
Mile 2: 8:29

Mile 3: 8:24

These first three miles I was just so excited to be running, I went out a little fast. Not too bad though, if I could keep that pace the entire time! Then I'd run a 1:52 half...hmm, I guess that could be my goal for the next.

Mile 4: 11:45
Mile 5: 5:03

Mile 6: 8:43

Um, yeah. Miles 4 & 5 are waaaaay off because we ran through the I-90 tunnel and Gus freaked out and didn't have a signal. Speaking of freaking out, running in a tunnel is weird. Straight up Armageddon style, except without the abandoned cars and stuff. It was a very odd feeling. Oh, and so was getting stuck keeping pace with this mammoth of a dude that was literally dripping sweat (I dodged some!) and smelled funky. Yuck. Getting out of that tunnel was a breath of fresh air. At around mile 6 I grabbed two gu's (not to be confused with my trusty Gus) to try later. I didn't feel like getting an upset stomach during the race. Ugh. But apparently this one dude just couldn't wait for the mile Honey Buckets and dropped trou right off the road in the bushes. Gross!

Mile 7: 9:16
Mile 8: 9:53

Mile 9: 9:02

Ah yes, hills, I've met you before. Except I also was introduced to my good friend asthma. Thank goodness for my inhaler. I had to walk up a hill for a moment to take a puff. But I didn't walk for long at all!

Mile 10: 9:19
Mile 11: 8:54

Mile 12: 8:54

At this point all I was thinking was "almost there." Plus I saw a woman holding a sign that said "It's not supposed to be easy, but you're strong enough." Heck yes! And, there was a 70ish years young man running a good 9:00 pace that was just amazing. At roughly 2 miles to go I spotted my friend Luke in the crowd (of Quick Pickle fame), so I sprinted the 50 feet to smack him in the arm. He turned and was pretty surprised "GO Zoe!" he said. I told him that that quick sprint to catch up to him was brutal and to just keep going.

Mile 13: 8:36
SOOO CLOSE! I had to walk a little to take another puff at this mile, but then there was a crowd and I just tried to kick it in. I think the hot pink shirt/hat combo really worked.

Finishing strong! And HAPPY!
Luke was waiting for me right next to the finish and we were yelled at by Trav on the sidelines. And guess who was there? My in-laws! It was so awesome that Trav's parents came! This is the first time they've seen me race. :) Yay! Unfortunately I couldn't meet up with Kerrie or Amanda today because of the surprise in-law visit. But I saw their stats and they kicked major boo-tay!! Very proud of both of these women! :)

That's the race recap for now (it's late!). Tomorrow I'll go into my interesting recovery methods. ;) Be sure to stay tuned.

Mileage - 13.1 miles
Time - 1:58:01 (Chip), 1:59:07 (Gun), 1:57:28 (GUS)
Overall - 675 673 out of 4269 (Females)
Division Place - 131 out of 839 (F25-29)
Pace - 9:00


  1. Check you out, finishing in under two hours. Superb!

    That is simply a fantastic feat, something to be proud of for sure. And to have such a good time on a hilly course makes it more amazing.


  2. That is an excellent effort Zoe! Congratulations on a well run race.

    I love that sign! I detest the normal "You're almost there" crap. Yeah right! Maybe you should be in this race person and we'll see how you like bein told you're "almost" there! Ha ha! Sorry for the rant.

    Now you get to take a couple days off. What's next?

  3. fan-freaking-tastic!! :D

    Great job, and nice report!!

  4. Oh yay!!! Congrats girl! You ROCK!!! Great recap and I love all the pics!

    Hey when you get a chance send me your address (don't worry I will not come stalk you!!!) :)

  5. Awww! My heart overflows with awe at your determination, creativity, and fortitude. Love Ya

  6. Very cool Race Report. I enjoyed reading every word of it. Congrats on your 13.1 Zoe! That was neat that you had to run in a tunnel. There's some experience points right there. Enjoy your post run relaxation, and Congrats again!

  7. Awesome job! Sounds like the race went perfectly - well except that whole iphone scare!

    Great pictures! Especially the finish, you look so strong!

  8. A few comments...

    1. Had no idea this was your first Half Marathon, how did I miss that?? Hmm new to Zoe I guess.

    2. Darn ear buds, same thing happened to me at my last half.

    3. Tunnels....UGH!! I am not a fan of tunnels at that it showed you a 5minute mile.

    4. BIg funky guy, FUNNY!!

    5. As someone with bladder control issues I am a firm believer that during a race you can GO anywhere.. LOL

    6. YOu have Asthma?? Wow little lady you are tough!

    7. Love the sign! Most people put "You are Almost there" those words are not my favorite at the end of a race.

    8. You ran solo and rocked it...I wish you would have met up with Amanda...maybe next time..

    9. Love the pictures and that your inlaws came to cheer you on.

    10. CONGRATS!! CONGRATS!! What a rockin time for a half Marathon. What is your next race?

  9. Great job on the HM! You should start up a new sport of sweat dodging. Ha, sounds like you could take home olympic gold. :D

  10. Great race! I'm impressed with how well you dealt with your asthma. It sounds like you didn't let it get to you at all.

  11. Yay Zoe! I looked up your stats when I got home. Dang girl! You rocked it! I laughed at so many things in your recap. The guy that dropped "trou" cracked me up. You are so amazing. Thanks for being a great running/bloggy pal!

  12. Wow Zoe! That was a great run! I am putting Seattle on my list of must do races.

  13. Awesome! that is so great! You beat 2:00!!!! I must beat 2 for a half!

    Great recap! Funny how people don't care and just go pee wherever they want! there were Honey buckets literally every single mile!

    That is so cool that your inlaws came to surprise you!!!

  14. YAY!!! What a great race! That's awesome, Zoe. Love the pink shirt :)

  15. Awesome job! Aren't spectators the best!!!

  16. WTG! Congratulations on a great race!!!

  17. Great, great job on your half Zoe. And an inhaler? Man, you are hardcore.

    Gotta run Seattle sometime myself!

  18. congrats on a great race!! :)

    i hate when my iphone bugs out like that sometimes... always when i "need" it (usually to play a game or check twitter or something stupid, but once or twice for an actual call/text)

  19. Congrats on a great race Zoe! I read Kerrie's and Amanda's report and I'm sorry it's taken me so long to find your blog but nevertheless it looks like you rocked it. Congrats again!

  20. CONGRATS lady! You did an amazing job, I also didn't know it was your first! awesome!

  21. Great race!!! It looks like it was perfect running weather!!! Glad you had such a great time!

  22. Zoe,

    W-O-W, girl! You ROCKED your half!! Outstanding, and loved reading your recap and pics. That's so awesome that your in-laws were there

    Hugs from Orlando!


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