Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Product Review: thriv Natural Performance

About a month ago I was asked if I would like to review a workout tee from an up-and-coming performance wear brand called thriv Natural Performance. Of course I said yes...I love trying out new things and helping new companies succeed. Hey, I didn't go to Business School for nothing. ;)

I received the Women's Cape Elizabeth Racerback Top (Lt. Pink) in the mail a little over a week ago and was stoked to wear it.
Product Description: "Featuring a built-in shelf bra with flat seams, the thriv® Natural Performance women's Cape Elizabeth racerback top provides comfortable support where you need it the most. The top features a unique bamco® fabric construction that feels like cashmere but offers breathability, UV protection, and moisture-wicking capabilities. Mesh inserts in the front and back allow for maximum ventilation."
At first touch it was incredibly soft and lightweight, and the color was a really pretty pale pink. The seams looked sturdy, but not abrasive, and the shelf bra had a decent sized elastic band for support. Let the review begin!
After I tried on the top, I noticed a couple of pattern issues: the straps were not the same width (right near the top strap seam), and the scoop neck was a little uneven. For a garment that is going for $29.99, I would expect this to look symmetrical. However, this top was very comfortable and felt like a nightshirt (bamboo & organic cotton is heavenly!). My arms could move freely without feeling restricted by the racerback or the arm openings, which occasionally is a problem for people with "swimmer's shoulders" like myself. The length of the top is perfect: it hits right below my hip bone. The midsection was form fitting, but after a little bit of wear, it relaxed a little. This meant that the top didn't ride up during exercise!
Now for the running test...

I decided to run on my treadmill instead of freeze myself outside with just this tank on (Seattle weather in November is definitely not Hawai'i). As I previously mentioned, this top is very soft and lightweight...which wasn't good with the support factor of the "girls" while running. And although the fabric did wick the moisture away from my skin with ease throughout my run, it became more and more see through as I ran longer. I'm guessing this wouldn't be the case with the darker colors at all. After a 25 minute run, I didn't feel any chafing under my arms or by my shoulders. Yay! The next day I did the "sniff test" comparing my normal running tank to the thriv tank and I'm happy to report that the thriv tank didn't stink nearly as much as my other tank! A plus!

Soft shell/seams & not abrasive
Moisture-wicking fabric
Organic material
Anti-microbial treatment = less stink & bacteria


Little to no chest support
Fabric is see-through when damp

Overall, this would be a fantastic yoga, pilates, or low impact exercise top, as it just doesn't meet the support/performance needs of a runner. I tried using it over one of my normal sports just didn't feel right.

My suggestion to thriv would be to add a little more "heft" to the chest of this garment so that it could withstand more vigorous activity. Then, I would definitely use this everyday on my runs! (I am considering purchasing the Falls Long Sleeve performance top for Trav, because I think he'd love it!)

For more information, check out or you can purchase the performance wear at Sports Authority online.

**Update: I completely recommend the men's/women's shirts for workout purposes. This review was solely based on the particular top that I received. If this was a regular t-shirt, I'm for it! I'm impressed with thriv!**

**Note: All reviews are based on my own personal experience with the specific product that I was provided with. I received this product free of charge from thriv and was not compensated for my review.**


  1. Great review! I am so jealous you got a tank top! I got a t-shirt that I still need to review and I was like man, I need a tank top! I live in Florida! LOL!

  2. Nice review. Seems Thriv is making the ROUNDS in Bloggy land. I got a BORING black T-shirt...but hey I dont own a black t-shirt so I should not complain.

    I am worried it wont be long enough in the waist..

    Hugs to your comment on my Blog...very SWEET!! I am such a HUGE dork when it comes to running. One day there was a guy doing hills opposite me, every time we would pass I would say something to him.. At the last pass I gave him a high five.. I could tell I am annoying him...but hey it made things fun for me..

  3. Great Review. Thanks for the Info.

  4. Nice. So if support is not an issue (like for us guys) you would recommend this? I am looking for something that wicks well (I sweat a lot) but does not chafe - especially not across the (ahem) chest. Big problem I have with some wicking shirts are chafed nipples (a problem for us guys) - especially after longer runs.

  5. Hey Glenn,
    I would totally recommend thriv's products. I was just a little disappointed in the sport tank top, and that's what I focused on.

    Seriously, this is the softest shirt I've worn...and I wear it to bed now. :)

  6. Hey Glenn, check this out for a male's review I came across...he had the same chafing/chest concerns, but said thriv worked wonders.

  7. i got the tanktop too! i have yet to try it out though, getting cold + was tapering and now on marathon-recovery. i am looking forward to trying mine out though - have heard good things across the blogosphere!

  8. Great review Zoe! For the guys, I just reviewed a thriv shirt as well, and it's really nice. I ran a marathon in it in November with zero chafing issues (big bonus). Although I rarely spend $20+ on a t-shirt, the thriv products look pretty promising from a comfort standpoint.


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