Thursday, November 12, 2009

Non-Running Training: Elliptical!

Day 5: "rest" day

Couldn't pull myself out of bed this morning at a respectable running time, and when I did I realized my foot was a little sore. Ok then, back to bed for another miserable 30 minutes with the alarm going off every 9. Oh well. Iced the foot three times today just to give it a break and guess what? It works! Icing works! After work I used the elliptical for a good 33 minutes (because 30 was just not enough). At least I did something, right? For sure.

Tonight was the awesome event at Fleet Feet Sports in Bonney Lake, and I met Tall Mom Mel!! I'll tell you more about it tomorrow because I'm beat and I've got a pillow with my name on it. (No really, it says "Zoe")

Early AM run tomorrow: you know it!


  1. HA! I love that you did 33 minutes on the elliptical. You, over achiever, you! Seriously...the little things make a difference...good for you!

  2. Because 30 was just not enough! Totally something I would say/do!

  3. Hahahahaha I wish my pillow had my name on it. That would cut down on the confusion when I'm INSANELY tired. It would also probably keep me out of other people's pillow with Jeri on it...better go home. HAHAHA JK of course...kinda. :p

  4. I totally do that stupid alarm thing: let it go off, stumble around the bed, hit the snooze button, stumble back to bed, lay there, almost fall asleep in 9 minutes, the alarm goes off's torture. Why do we do it?

    PS: About icing -- it totally works. When I had my back problem that's what I did most of the time. That and Ibuprofin. :)

  5. thanks for stopping over @ my blog. I like your blog look :)

  6. definitely - something is always better than nothing!! :) so fun you got to meet mel!!

  7. lol about the Zoe pillow... cute! Fun that you got to meet Mel. Happy to hear the foot feels better with ice!

  8. hope the foot is feeling better! way to overachieve on the elliptical :)


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