Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Think I Can, I Think I Can...

This week has been crazy busy with work, family dinners, non-training training and Half prep. I worked a double shift (overnight) on Wednesday to help decorate the store for the holidays. This was my third year helping out, and even though we don't leave until 4:30am, it's still a lot of fun. :) So my Thanksgiving was spent 1) sleeping in until 12:30 and 2) dressing up in crazy costumes and having dinner with my sisters, bro-in-laws and Dad.
My Dad, Travis, Bob (bro-in-law) and my sister Kristal

Sisters & I: Liza, me, Karrie

After work yesterday I met up with Kerrie to go grab our bibs and t-shirts from the Seattle Marathon Expo. She brought along T Junior, too! We checked out some booths, tasted some different juices/fuels and then tried out some crazy magnet bracelet:

Seeing if "magnet power" truly works...and it was crazy that it did!

So maybe we aren't running the Full...but it's still a rad sign.

Now the race is less than 24 hours away, and I'm getting anxious! Today is already a busy day with the Apple Cup going on and Trav & I in the stands (GO HUSKIES!). Don't worry, I will be sitting as much as possible today. ;)

SO EXCITED! I'm bib #4072!


  1. Oh no, Apple Cup... you and Kerrie didn't spend the entire time talking trash to each other did you? Her WSU sweatshirt didn't set you off? I know how you Washingtonians are about your Apple Cup :)

    I'll be pulling for bib numbers 4072 and 10451!

  2. Good luck Zoe. I'm sending good running vibes to you and Kerrie!

  3. GOOD GOOD GOOD Vibes your way. You will be GREAT! Praying for clear skies and pain free running..

    I am a LITTLE late on High Five Friday but will get it up ASAP.. High Five

  4. GOOD LUCK!!!! I'm bib 4685!! I'll be watching for you and Kerrie at the finish!!!!


  5. You're probably sitting a lot because you are so far ahead. Ugh. Poor Cougs. But I did teach T Junior to say, "BOOOO! Huskies." Hehehe. See you tomorrow!

  6. best of luck! I can't wait to hear how it goes!!

  7. Zoe,

    I wish you an AWESOME, dry race! Sounds like you are busier than heck, but well prepared, so I know you'll have a great time. :-)

    Start slow. Finish strong. It will be an amazing day for you guys!

    Sending hugs and good vibes from Orlando!


  8. Good Luck with your race. Looks like you have been having some fun there in those pics. Keep it up and again, Good Luck in the race.

  9. you're probably running right now!!! Go Zoe Go!

  10. I bought a crazy power balance bracelet-they did the same test on me at the malibu marathon-I was fascinated so i bought one....and hey I think it's pretty darn interesting!!

    I hope you had a great race!!


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