Monday, November 16, 2009

Coming Up...

*Special Announcer Voice*
A hem. Please stay tuned for some new runner profiles featuring some amazing running ladies! I'm talking inspiring, hardcore, fast and dedicated...these women have it all.


  1. OMW!! I love love that graphic.. Serious talent.. HUGS!

  2. such a cute "doodle." please don't be offended by the term doodle, I mean it in a totally endearing way. :)

  3. grrrr the image is being blocked by work internet! :( i will have to remember to come back on non-lame internet :)

  4. Hey Zoe,

    Hi from Orlando!

    I'm so glad you dropped by my Turtles blog today ... thanks so much (and for following - bonus!).

    In return, I wanted to take a quick peek before I head out for an (unusual) afternoon run (I'm a morning gal!)...

    I LOVE your blog already and see that we follow lots of the same crazy bloggy running folks and have some similar interests.... YAY!

    Looking forward to getting to know you! :-)

  5. dude the little runner is awesome. very nice paint skills. totally worth the detour :)


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