Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bust a Mile

Mile Time Trial #1

Trav wanted to see how fast he could run a mile, and so him, Jeff and I were on a mission today. First stop was the local HS track...but of course the gate was locked and the sign said "Jogging Only." HA HA! The track couldn't handle some sprints! :)

We lucked out and went to the HS that Trav, Luke & I played softball at over the summer. Fortunately the security guard was waiting for a soccer game that didn't look like it was happening. He let us in and the track was all ours for 20 minutes.

It's seriously been since Sr. year of high school cross-country since I ran a mile trial. I was NERVOUS this morning! Just thinking about it made my heart pound and palms sweat. But hey, I need to do some sprints. So, I stepped on that track with my game face on.

My time was 7:17. Woo hoo!

Trav started ahead of me, but walked twice. :( Jeff ran the first lap then walked the last three...but I made him jog with me the last 200 meters. Dude...we ALL needed the inhaler, I swear! I was wheezing hardcore. *phew*

However, I felt invincible! Now, tomorrow is an 11 miler with Kerrie. Yay! Can't wait to meet her! Happy Saturday!

Sprint finish!


  1. You look smokin' fast in that picture, nice job on the mile! Way faster than I'll ever do! Have fun meeting Kerrie tomorrow, love meeting other bloggers!

  2. Good job on your time trial! I have no idea how fast I could run one mile. :) I'm kinda scared to find out. It's funny that I'm more scared of running 1 mile fast than 13 at a moderate pace. haha

  3. Good job! I have always wanted to try that. I was even going to run a 1.5 mile race next Saturday. Maybe next year!

    Have fun with Kerrie!

  4. I think its time for me to do a mile trial on the local track, since I havent done one in 16 years. It would be good to see how I stand in that regard. THanks for sharing and have a good one.

  5. Nice job buddy!! What is your time goal for Seattle? Are you running alone? Amanda is trying for a sub 2 hour..if you are in the same time range you should try to meet up...she is AMAZING to run with.

    GOOD LUCK this week..

  6. That is so freakin' fast. Amazing! I saw your Tweet on this yesterday and got really nervous for our run today. But that was for nothing as I had a blast today! It was so great meeting you in person! Thanks, again!

  7. Oh man, I really want to do a timed mile. They have a mile "race" with a 5k & 5 miler during st. patty's day. I think I might do it this year.


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