Friday, November 13, 2009

Alright, Diva Night!

Day 6: AM run only
...come on, I have a race tomorrow.

Last night's "Diva Night" at Fleet Feet Sports in Bonney Lake was wicked fun! I kidnapped Liz and we went on a windy road adventure to find the place. It took us about three tries, but we eventually found Fleet Feet! It was great meeting Tall Mom Mel (yes, she is tall!)--she's so much fun! Hopefully we'll get to meet up for some running soon. :)
I won a little prize from the drawing without even knowing the prizes were being given away at the time (but the room did get dead silent). Very beautiful smelling lotions. Mmmm.

The staff at Fleet Feet were super sweet and accomodating, and of course I had to support a local biz too. I got a pair of Exodus tights from Mizuno that are amazing. Going to try them out this weekend for sure!

There was this booth at Diva Night that had this gross, yellow, icky looking blob on the table. Turns out it was the equivalent to "5 Pounds of FAT." Here's Liz and I posing with said FAT:

GROSS, huh? But also pretty amazing...Liz has technically lost FIVE of these "blobs" these past few months! 25 lbs! [Damn, Liz...that's pretty wicked. ;) Love ya!]

Ok folks, it's off to bed again. Bright and early is the Winter Pineapple Classic: the race where I'm going to show John Curley who's boss...or at least attempt it...for the third time...but who's counting anyway? Heh heh. Oh yeah, I am. Bummer.
I'll leave with a pic of me and a "carb" of choice at dinner. Beer.


  1. ewww, that fat is gross looking! Congrats to Liz! Congrats on winning one of the prizes :D

  2. Good luck in your race today. I hope I can still donate today -- I never have my wallet when I sit down at the computer. Anyway, hope you kick some John Curley-a$$!

  3. Posing with the fat...PRICELESS!!

    So great to meet you and Liz..I am sure we will run together soon.. And hopefully all race together someday..

    HUGS!! Good luck!

  4. my fat looks better than that. And good choice on the carb-loading option. I like how you roll kid.

  5. Zoe (not quite sure how to get the umlauts above the 'o') - never had a chance to thank you for the FF love over on Twitter - so thanks!

    Nice carb loading excercise there! The best part about it is that you get your weights in as well!

  6. Hey! That fat is sick! And even sicker to think I need to lose one of those blobs. I bet if I had that sitting on my dresser I would lose the last 5 realy quick! Just looking at it...ewe! :)

    I found your blog through Mel at Tall Mom! Are you doing the Seattle half?

  7. Looks like you had a fun night! crazy about the fat, omg... what a visual!!

  8. Awww yeah for blogger meet-ups!!! So fun... Now off to see if you've posted about the Pineapple Classic!


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