Saturday, October 17, 2009

Soggy Slip-n-Slide Run

A Former Sea Gal +
Tattooed Badass Momma +
Little 'Ol Me +
Extreme Downpour =
Endless Laughter and Soapy Knees

Woke up at 8, looked out my window and was met with a dreary, gray, rainy AM. Oh well...let's do this! I had a run scheduled with two fun girlies at 8:30, and we said rain or shine. ;)

We met at Liz's house and carpooled to the trail, chatting and catching up with Amy along the way. It's been about 3 years since Liz and I have seen her, so there was much to be said! I realized that I missed hanging out with bubbly little Amy. She's fun!

Anyway, the parking lot to the trail was deserted, so it was going to be an interesting run. Gus found a satellite in record time (must be the rain?) and then we were off! Our pace was a nice 10:15 mile as we chatted along the way. I think we were completely soaked within the first half mile...the weather was relentless! We were dodging puddles and avoiding the slippery leaves on the ground from the earlier wind storms; it was a mini obstacle course. Somewhere around mile 2 Amy stopped and pointed to her knees and asked "what's that??" There was foam on the outside of her athletic pants on the knees...and it was detergent! Her knees and the rain were agitating extra detergent right out of her pants! Hahahaha! They would foam up, then she'd wipe it off, and so on. I told her that apparently she uses too much laundry soap, and now she'll be saving money on that! Although, I think she's onto something...because it was like a shower while running in the rain...hmmm. Soap infused running gear? Ah, nevermind.

The rain let up around our turnaround point at three miles, which was a little relief. We were drenched! The rest of the run was uneventful until I was blasted on the cheek by a renegade torpedo bug. I felt like I was hit in the face by a small rock or a bug dart. Seriously??? Me and bugs, I just don't get it. There was another one earlier that I nearly collided with...perhaps torpedo bug was out for revenge for that? I will never know...

We finished the run at just the right time because it started to get pretty stormy out, with thunder, lightning, the works. Yikes! But, six miles done, and with GREAT company! Hopefully this will become a regular Saturday morning ritual. Well, minus the monsoon. :)

Tomorrow's the Dawg Dash! I'm pumped! Already had my little wheat pasta dish. Yummeh.

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