Friday, October 9, 2009

My 10mph Dork-ness

Well, 10mph is done. It doesn't look that hard, but man, I was laughing so much that it was difficult to run. Trav is filming and Uncle Doug (a.k.a. Coach Fish) is in charge of the emergency stop pulley. Ha ha! I present to you, me being a dork on a treadmill:

And, here's Trav and I in Massachusetts...running into the Atlantic. BRRR.

Embarrassing enough? I think so. ;)

So glad it's friday, I say! How about some Pumpkin Beer to celebrate autumn? Or anything pumpkin related? OOOoooo! Speaking of Pumpkin stuff...Beth at Shut Up and Run! is giving away a bag of Pumpkin Spice Hersheys Kisses. I know, right??? Sounds too good to be true...pumpkin & chocolate is delicious!

Bring on the weekend! :)


  1. Did you have jelly legs after that?!

  2. Oh DID I! Yes, very much so! But it was fun.

  3. you definitely make that look easy! i usually feel like i'm about to be thrown into the wall :)


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