Wednesday, October 7, 2009

EEK! A Week!

I feel terrible that my last post was on the 1st of the month. Sorry about that folks! There wasn't the greatest access to a PC to blog, so apologies for keeping you in suspense...because, you know, I'm assuming everyone is just dying to hear about the last week in my life! Ha! *right*

This Saturday is a local race for Down Syndrome that Liz and I are going to run, but we are registering at the event. It's just a little 'ol 5K. We're trying to recruit another friend to race with us, but we shall see. It's fun to see people around me running and that means I'm not alone! Yay! Starting a little group! Oh, and BTW, Liz started running in June and she's completed two races and lost 20 pounds and she looks fantastic (if I may say so myself). Running is fabulous, ain't it?

Speaking of recruiting more runners in my group...I believe there's another runner under my roof:


I actually turned on the treadmill after snapping this pic...and Murph just sat there and was rolled off the back. It was pretty funny just watching him look around like "what the hell?!?" (Eh, my cat loves me so I'm allowed to have a little fun with him)

OH! You know how I was going to go the maximum speed (10 mph) while on my Uncle's treadmill? Well, I did it! I will post the video soon, but it's nothing too crazy because I didn't fly off the back of the 'mill! Hurray! But I do look like a complete dork. :)

Last night was my longest treadmill run so far: 7 miles. Ugh. It's still difficult. Couldn't sleep this morning either, so I ran an easy 2 miles on the treadmill. AND since Travis is working late tonight that means another treadmill session is in the cards...bummer dude! I need to run outside! Too much of this treadmill is going to drive me nuts!

Another random thing: While on a regular 6-mile run last Sunday I ran the first 5K in 23:34 which is a 6 second PR from my best 5K...and this was just a normal run! Gus didn't lie to me, folks! Does that mean that I have more potential than I imagined for myself? Have I been slacking in races? Oh geez. I guess this weekend's race will hopefully have something to show for it. ;)

Enough of the randomness...Now, I must catch up on my blog reading!


  1. Welcome back! Seven miles on the 'mill?! You are crazy!

  2. how long did you last at 10.0? i know i wouldn't have made it long. i've tried 9.2... ridiculous!

  3. Can't wait to see that video! LOL!

    Your kitty is SO cute!!!!

  4. He'sa cat. He's waiting for food. (Mine walks between my feet and then makes me feel guilty for stepping on her).

    Thanks for the well wishes! I appreciate it. And have fun yourself. (Right now a 5K doesn't sound bad).


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