Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cape Cod Run!

Went for a fantastic run outside last night. My first mile was at a 7:50 pace because I was just so happy to run outside again! Woot! But dude, it was wicked windy, and I was battling the wind for the first 3 miles. Tough! But it was worth it because I got to see Sampson's Island (but the blinding afternoon sun made it look dark).

I'm trying to show how windy it was, but I think I might've failed on that. :P

Went for a crazy early morning run with Uncle Doug this AM. Holy crap it was like running blind! There aren't a lot of street lamps around here, so luckily Doug knows where he's going (because I certainly didn't!). It was kind of fun running in the middle of the arterial, right on the yellow lines! I laugh at the face of danger! HAHAHA! Naw, I was just terrified that a coyote was going to jump out of the bushes and eat me. You know, it sure would have made for some great speed motivation though. thanks. Anyway, we ended up running 6 miles at a decent pace of roughly 8:20ish. Dude. Uncle Doug may be in his 50's, but he's fast. I'm going to try and convince him to do some road races in the near future. Overall, even though it was 5 in the morning, it was nice to go for a run with Coach Fish. :)


  1. speedy! glad you had a good run, hope those winds weren't too cold.

  2. What a gorgeous place to run!



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