Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Boring Post

Yesterday's 6 miler was fairly brutal.  After lifting weights on Monday, my quads were bricks, so the run made me feel like I was using cement legs.  Oh, and it was pretty gusty outside (a lot of downed tree limbs, I had to be careful!).  AND, to top everything off, I stepped in gum.  GAH!  Gross!  
All in all, was a good run!  

I'm thinking of running in a small 5K this Sunday at my alma mater.  Travis doesn't want to run it with me because he hasn't been training enough, but I'll drag him along. ;)

Loving everyone's race recaps! :)


  1. Ugh. We all have those kind of days!

    They *do* look like bear turds though! (Doesn't mean I'm going to stop eating them).

  2. Hi from fellow UPrinting sponsoree.


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