Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Sun's Earlier Curfew

Oh boy, I ate too much today. Or at least my dinner was too heavy (a gardenburger and fries) because I had a Subway veggie sandwich for lunch. Ugh. My run tonight was slower because of the mound of food just sitting in my stomach. I had to walk a couple times, but still managed to keep my pace well under 10 min/mile.

By the way, treadmill running is so HARD. I think I need to post some motivating pictures on my wall so I'm not just staring at it blankly. I mean, the treadmill is in the office next to the computer, and when I'm running, Trav's playing a video game...and so I watch him a little but then I start veering to the left. Not good! I have visions of me tripping and falling on the treadmill and slamming my face on the belt. Kind of funny when I think about it though. ;)
Last night was also a night of lifting: bench (new max. of 70 pounds, ha ha!), deadlifts and jumping jacks.

Wore my Running Skirt again tonight and it's so amazing! The Body Glide stuff I got last week works wonders and I don't know why I didn't invest in it sooner. Thanks for the recommendations again, everyone! My thighs thank you too!

Also, it's sad that at 7:50pm the sun is going down and it's getting so dark! :( Here's the sunset on my last two blocks 'til home. It still is purdy though.


  1. I didn't hear about the Body Glide stuff. What is it?

    Treadmill running is hard. A lot of people say it's easier since there is no incline and there is give to the treadmill (as opposed to running on concrete) BUT I say it is WAY harder mentally. I posted some good sunset beach pictures on my wall since that's my favorite place to exercise.

    I think (if we have the money) I'm going to be visiting the yoga studio down in Kent. Last time I checked they had a "healing" yoga series that might be good. Plus, that place always looks dead and I love to support local business. ;)

  2. Give yourself a month and you'll wonder how you never NOT knew about Body Glide!!! :)

    I honestly can't do the dreadmill. My body just doesn't function on one properly. Kudo's to you for getting it done!

  3. i like the cooler temps but not the earlier sunset! my running time is being cut short... (nowhere semi-well lit enough to run in the dark, and i'm a big chicken) :-/

    some days i can go long on the treadmill and some days i can barely last a mile... i dunno what it is. i guess i just zone out on the long days? i've done up to 20 miles on the treadmill at once... yeah, i know. i'm psycho :)

  4. So you need to move to Southern California. We don't need no stinking treadmills here where it never rains (well almost never).

    And Body Glide? I buy it by the gallon!

  5. I gotta get me some Body Glide! Good to know it works. I noticed how early the sun was setting last night, too. :(

  6. I would not make it without body glide. It's the greatest invention in running, besides the whole shoe things. LOL!

    Glad you got your run in. Be careful on that dread mill. Perhaps some photos of Bradley Cooper? I'd certainly chase him 26.2 miles. Heh.


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