Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oh Geez

Last night's treadmill run was TOUGH. I ran 6 miles at a steady 9:15 pace, at a 4% incline. Then I walked a mile at a 15% incline to "cool down." That treadmill kicks my butt! When I go to Cape Cod next week for vacation, my Uncle Doug says that he's going to try having me go the maximum treadmill speed...just for fun. Isn't that 10 mph? Oh geez, I'd FLY off that thing! I told him I'd try only if there are pillows strapped to me and a mattress up against the wall behind me. I just can see this vision of the 'mill just chucking me backwards like a ragdoll. It's actually kinda funny to think about...but ouch, nonetheless.

Today is family day with my siblings. We're heading over to the beach for a bonfire and smores. We're trying something different than our normal balloon notes, instead we're writing notes to mum and then burning them in the bonfire. Is it just me, or does that sound a wee bit morbid? Eh, it's just so the note is between the writer and mum, and no one else. We'll see how it works. I'm just happy I get to see my sisters and bro tonight. :) They make my world feel complete.

I'll try to get a Sunset Hill run in tonight while I'm at Dad's, but we'll see. I hope I have time because it's where I used to run during HS days.

Hope everyone has a great tuesday.


  1. you MUST video tape the 10 mph experiement! I don't think my legs go that fast, LOL!

  2. You totally could have an OK Go! moment on that treadmill -- that'd be hilarious! Have fun with your fam. :)

  3. Was reading around your blog and saw on Runnerdude's profile that your mum died just after your birthday. I am not sure how you deal with the date every year. Sounds like you do it as a pack..


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