Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Early B-Day Gift! Woot!

Last night I discovered something in my garage (and no, it wasn't the giant wolf spider carcass that Travis left for me to find next to my boat) was a giant box...and it said "Treadmill" in BIG bold letters!! YES!!! I've been wanting/needing a treadmill ever since I started running again last year. But since Travis and I had just bought a house, we didn't really have much disposable treadmill income. I definitely made my argument known on why I needed one especially now that it's getting darker earlier and I'm increasing my mileage. Ah yes, all that persuasion paid off! As my little sister, Liza, looked on, I put together my lovely early birthday present!

Oh goodness, let me tell you that putting the treadmill together became a workout in itself. I already had my running clothes on because I was planning on going over to Liz's and using her treadmill since it was rainy/thundering...but that's when Liza and I discovered the lovely giant brown box in the garage! I had already been lifting heavy boxes and cleaning up Diego's Room (aka our guest room that has a "Diego" [Dora the Explorer's Cousin] light switch that the old owners left behind...the name just stuck) for Liza to use instead of the couch. So, I was technically strength training already. Once I got the thing set up, I was too tired to run and my tummy was grumbling. It was nearly 9pm!

On a side note, I love love love putting things together. I mean, Ikea furniture is my FAVORITE! That's why Travis didn't offer to help me set it up, because he knows I love this stuff (and, actually, I'm better at it than he is...he'll agree). Obviously, I was really excited to whip out my tools and make my Friday a put-the-running-machine-together kind of night. :)

And, I present to you, my new Smooth Fitness 5.45! TA DA!!
Today I took it for a test drive and did three sets of 10 minute runs:
1. 10:02 minutes, 4% incline, 1.1 miles
2. 10:00 minutes, 4% incline, 1.1 mile
3. 10:00 minutes, 4% and 12% incline, 1.2 miles

Oh man, I was sweating like no other, even with two fans pointed at me. Of course, I was re-hydrating (see water bottle on sill), but I could've just poured the water on me and it would have ended up the same. Hmm, re-hydration through osmosis? I think I'm onto something! Ha ha. :)

Then, since I'm crazy, I decided to read my magazine while walking on it at the highest 15% incline for 30 minutes. Jell-o legs!
AND THEN...I ran to Liz's house to feed their fish and talk to their parrot = total trip of 4.68 miles. Obsessed much? ;)


Goodnight and have a great weekend!


  1. Congrats and Happy Birthday. Remember, you can't beat fresh air outside runs but the TM definitely will come in handy. Good luck.

  2. That is AMAZING that you put that together. I ALWAYS give my hubby those projects.. I hate it..

    Awesome gift!!

  3. OMG! I'm so jealous. And, all I asked for my birthday is shoes! Maybe I'm aiming too low...

  4. So impressive! Great job :-)

    P.S. I love your comment on skinny runner "Duchebaggy husband" is a perfect way to describe Spencer

  5. niiice b-day present! hopefully you don't grow to hate it at any point ;)


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