Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I say that under my breath...but it's so true. Running is pricey, yo!

I splurged and bought a Nathan fuel belt. Gah! And a water bottle with a straw (I drink sooo much more water when I'm using a straw...I know, weird). And I also registered for the Seattle Half. Ohgoodnessme. EEK!

And I am NOT running away from my house anymore. It gets dark waaaay too fast and I end up sprinting my way home hoping to jeebus that I won't be hit by a car or kidnapped or whatever. Travis hates that I run alone. I need a dog. Or a running buddy. (Get better and come back to running, Liz! Move up to Seattle, Danica! Run with me, Kerrie! Slow-down-so-I-can-keep-up-with-you, Lindsay!). Since I did run to Road Runner sports, I figured out that they meet every Wednesday at 6pm for a 6 miler. Hey!! I was about 45 minutes late. :( Next week! It'll be like old XC times... sigh.

In a nutshell: no more spending the dough, no more running away, stick to the most daylight, either literally become a dude or find someone to run with, and lastly train for the Seattle Half! :)


  1. lol. :) it's ok to buy new running gear... keeps you motivated. that's my excuse anyway.

    i haven't ran in the dark since last christmas. too afraid for a number of reasons! i'm also in a new area and have extra un-ease from that. it seems safe, but i still feel uncomfortable - extra leary.

    hope you can meet up with that group! i wish i had a group (or at least one person) to run with regularly.

  2. LOL! You crack me up. I'm waaaaay too slow to run with you. Not to mention, I haven't gone farther than 4 miles! That running group sounds like a good idea, though. XC wasn't so bad was it? I kinda liked having a big group to run, catch up to. :)

    PS: Gotta wait till payday to sign up for the SHM. I hope it doesn't fill up! I never even thought of that till Mel's post about Singapore.

  3. excellent recap at the end there. i joined a running group b/c i too am scared to run alone. in the dark. or in the light for that matter. fraidy cat = me. i hope you find a running buddy. training alone even if it's not scary out is no fun.


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