Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm Not Registered??

Yesterday I was curious about my registration status for the Seattle Half, and it turns out I'm not registered. WTH? I turned in my form and payment over three weeks ago. GRRRR. I contacted the store that I signed up at and asked them about it, and they said they turned them in last week. Shouldn't it be charged by now? The thought of my CC number just chillin' on a piece of paper at the store was not very thrilling to me.
GAH! Breathe...

I did go for a nice little run outside yesterday, even though it was dark out. It just kills me that I've been using the treadmill and I can't go as far on my runs. Tomorrow AM I'm hoping that Liz and I can go for a good distance. I'm thinking at least 8? I just need to get my mileage on. Oh, and by the way, Gus is awesome and very accurate.

I leave for Massachusetts on Sunday! Hurray for anniversaries and vacations and visiting uncles named Doug! I'm stoked for a vacation. I neeeeed a vacation. I'll be sure to run a lot though. ;)


  1. Have fun! Massachusetts this time of year can be *beautiful*.

  2. Have a great vacay. And anniversary. And fun with Uncles named Doug. ;)

  3. What time tomorrow? I'm not sure I'm up for 8 but I'd be willing to try - especially if we have a nice trail run or at least off the street.

    I've been doing a bunch of hardcore butt/thigh workouts and I'm SO sore! LOL.


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