Monday, September 28, 2009

From the Plane

Leaving on a jet plane!
Up in the air and my nose has given up the fight to remain compliant. Sneeze central on the plane for me. I bet you that everyone thinks I have a cold or swine flu or I'm super contagious and 'how rude to sneeeeeze on a full plane?!' I swear I'm not. It's like I'm allergic to planes, or the cheap imitation fleece blankets or even the traytables. It's gotta be those pesky tray tables that are compromising my nose! Naw, it's the dry air and the close proximity of synonymously uncomfortable strangers. Everyone is miserable on a flight, right? I mean people that are claustrophobic MUST take something to pass the time? We are all essentially trapped in a metal cylinder soaring 35K feet above the ground.

Enough of the plane. I'm ready to go chill at the hotel and start this vacation. Perhaps a glass of vino with Travis? Ah yes.

Mt. Adams & Mt. Rainier

The wing and the moon


  1. Did you know, my mom is claustrophobic?

  2. just stopping by to check out your blog and to say thanks for your comment on Runner Dude's post from yesterday! My tri experience was incredible, and my son just did his first this past weekend too! :D Enjoy your vacation!


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