Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day Before Boston

Went for a run with Liz tonight, and it was refreshing! The sunset was
utterly amazing and I had to capture it. It was my "Yes Man" moment
running and taking pictures at the same time. :) I didn't trip! Woot!

Less than 24 hours until Boston/Cape Cod! Sooooo excited! The hotel
we're staying at in Bean Town is a four star and GORGEOUS (we stayed
there for last year's anniversary too). Can't wait to swim and relax
with the Trav hubby.

I'm going to do my fair share of running too!


  1. Bean Town is a good time. Enjoy and say hello to Sam Adams for me.

  2. Wow, in 2 days you'll have been married for 2 years! I remember I was so excited to hit the 2 year point because you aren't considered a "newly wed" anymore.

    Have a great time, relax and take pictures. We'll see you on Sat and you can meet our new bunny (which Scalett wants to name "Orange" and Phoenix wants to name "Monster-truck." LOL)

  3. hope your trip is going well! get in some sweet boston-runs! :)


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