Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Darn the Darkness

Last night Liz and I ran Soos Creek, but we had underestimated the shortened daylight a bit. Towards the end of the run it was flat out DARK and we picked up the pace hardcore. I felt like we were ninjas, or at least I was in ninja assassin mode. WAAAAAA! We aren't going to do that again any time soon. But, we did manage to get in 5 miles. Woot! Next time, we're heading out earlier...

Tonight's 8 miler turned into 5.3, as I just seemed too tired to function properly. Plus, I got bored doing the loops and circles near my house. Ho hum. However, Jack made an appearance and I met a new friend along the way...this dragonfly that was chillin' on the sidewalk:
She was pretty big, and stayed in the same place on most of my loops. On the last loop she fluttered away, which was pretty awesome that she waited for me to return. :)

Lifted a little with Trav after my run. Couple of deadlifts and power lifts. Nothing too major though. Tomorrow, I'm going to bench again. See if I can increase my max to 75 pounds! Ha ha!


  1. <3

    I have to get in a run tomorrow but it's hard to balance diet, running, work and school. :/

  2. Good job on lifting weights post run! I'm always too tired!

  3. Yeah, it's a bummer. I noticed how dark it was yesterday morning on my way to work. Booooooo!

  4. Yup. The days certainly are getting shorter. You're located in the great Northwest right? You days become *really* short pretty soon. Bummer!


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