Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Crosswalk Gazelle

I ran 8.14 miles tonight! Woot! I don't know if my feet would've let me go any farther, though...they were shooting pain at every step. Next time I plan a longer-ish run, I'm taking ibuprofen beforehand. Also, it was getting really dark and I wasn't in the best of neighborhoods. Boo.

I noticed that while I'm waiting for stoplights to turn, I usually jump or jog in place and then once that light turns *BOOM* I'm bounding across the street! I feel like my little jump in place shtick is like me as a wind-up toy...then I'm a leaping gazelle going across the street in minimal strides! I'm a wind-up crosswalk gazelle! :)

Overall, it was a great run. Just the perfect amount of hills and sidewalks the entire way. I wore my new Adidas running shirt I got at Nordstrom Rack today; it's white with hot pink mesh sides and reflective parts. It's pretty darn cute, and the best part is that it didn't ride up! Oh, and since my thighs are still recovering from the icky trail run on Sunday, I wore my spandex capris...and it was weird! They are not tapered at the bottom, but kind of flare out, so I was getting annoyed with them "flapping." At least they protected my legs. That's the ticket...

After my run I did some powerlifts and bicep curls, also punched the bag a little bit. My chest is still sore from benching, so I'm not working that yet. Perhaps tomorrow.

A great day of training! Yes...


  1. 8 miles?! That's amazing! That's about 15kms! You go. Well doneski!

  2. Awesome job! Hey, I was at the Rack yesterday, too, but in Tukwila and only because they forgot to take a security tag off my new shirt. *grumble, grumble*

    PS: And, yes, I'm totally loving the cool weather!

  3. glad you had a good run! i am definitely NOT a stoplight, jog-in-place kind of girl. i relish the break :) but, more power to you!


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