Wednesday, September 9, 2009

8 Miles on the 8th

I had a great run yesterday and tested out my new Nathan Speed 2 fuel belt. At first I was a little concerned about wearing something other than my normal garb, but as soon as I got my pace going and drowned out the sloshing of the water, I was impressed. I actually put my iPhone in the little pouch instead of carrying it, which was extremely weird after getting so used to holding something. But, I think it helped me with my stride and I didn't feel off balance at all. I know I was only going 8 miles and the fuel belt might seem a little overboard, but lately I've been getting really thirsty when I run (despite staying hydrated throughout the day). And, the once diagnosed exercise-induced asthma is rearing its ugly head again. *hmpf*

Overall, I had a great run and kept my pace under 9 minute miles again (woot!). My white reflective Adidas running shirt seriously stands out and it's wicked comfortable, too! :)

On this run I encountered:
  • A ladder firetruck with some *hot* firemen on board. Naturally, I ran faster when they were watching me. ;)
  • An older, plump gentleman on a bike that was doing loops in the neighborhood and wheezing. Good for him for getting out there and exercising! I was a little concerned that on one of my loops I'd find him unconcious on the sidewalk, but that didn't happen.
  • Another older man (not quite a gentleman) that blew his cigarette smoke right in my face as I ran past him. Grrrr. I shot him a bad juju mind glare in return...perhaps he tripped on the sidewalk later, who knows.
  • A little, teeny tiny, yappy white dog that wasn't being controlled well by her owner and ran me into the street. Gah!
  • Two teenagers fist fighting in the middle of the arterial by my house, as a bunch of other teenagers looked on. I kept running because, 1. I thought they were just rough-housing at first, 2. a neighbor came out into the street to see what was going on and 3. I didn't have my air horn/mace combo and I was clearly outnumbered. But I swear, the one throwing most of the punches was a scrawny "hipster" wannabe that I probably could've "took on." Ha!

Yes, it was an interesting run for sure. The only bad thing is that I realized that any more miles than 7ish causes my foot to hurt so bad. :( It makes me wonder if I'm just not cut out for doing more than these 8 miles if I get home and I want to cry because of the pain. Stupid foot Neuromas.


  1. Hey Zoe good job on your 8 miles! That's incredible! I'm sorry to hear about your neuromas. I had some and got a shot of cortisone and I've been fine ever since. I need to catch up on my blogging - have you thought about this?

  2. Um, what do you mean "only 8 miles"? That's a long one. And, what is it with the firemen lately? I wonder how fast we could go if someone asked a bunch of firemen to stand along the entire route...

  3. oooh firemen. shoulda hopped on the truck! :) nice job on the 8 miler. i have been thirsty too lately, what's up with us?

  4. Hey Melanie--a cortisone shot....didn't really consider it, but now I definitely will. Thanks!

    Kerrie & Lindsay---Um, yeah, I think every girl should incorporate a bunch of firemen in their workout. Wicked awesome motivation! :) Yum.


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