Thursday, August 13, 2009

Uncharted Waters, Matey!

Tonight's run was a big one (7 miles!). I thought I was going to die. And not just because of the distance. Here's why:
  1. New route, completely unknown to little 'ol me
  2. Two-way road had no sidewalks 90% of the time, and I pretty much had mini panic attacks when I saw headlights coming towards me
  3. There was this ginormous hill that probably rose a good 200 feet or so, and I nearly keeled over towards the top
  4. I think I may have seen a drug deal go down
  5. Said hill in #3 was not any nicer on the way back, I guess it was more of a valley than just one hill
  6. It was getting dark really quickly and there was this barn house that reminded me of a bad horror movie...and since I haven't perfected my scream, I didn't feel up to starring in a movie of that I ran faster
  7. Increased speed due to scary barn house = increased fatigue = increased "Phoebe" running style
I did learn something new, though. Apparently my house is only 1 mile away from the next town, Auburn. Weird. Didn't realize I was that far south in Kent. OH! And just because your wearing an electric blue top does not mean that cars can see you. I'm thinking I should carry a giant HID flashlight and an air horn. That's right. Don't mess. *HONK!*

Since it had just rained, the air was crisp and it was a nice run overall.
But...I'm never running that way again. ;)
August Sunset in Washington


  1. Oh Zoë, you concern me. *tisk,tisk* Running on Benson sucks (traffic is not my favorite for running) but at least it's safe. There are lights and sidewalks and it's okay for hills and such. Ugh, but waiting for stoplights sucks.

    At the end of my run yesterday I totally had some Phoebe going on because I was getting so tired.

  2. Hi Zoe - sounds like a dodgy run BUT could be great for your speedwork and any horror novel you might wish to read in future! :)

  3. Thanks for the comment. Good job on the run :)

  4. Dude. No. 3 made me laugh so hard! So, you are not that far from me. I'm over in Maple Valley. If I was further along in my training, I'd suggest we run together sometime, but seeing as my dog can walk while I "run," that may not be such a good idea. Be careful out there!

  5. i hate trying to find new routes and then discovering they are unsafely not-sidewalked or shouldered. nice job on the run though!


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