Saturday, August 15, 2009

Covey Run 5K = COMPLETE...and then some

*Side Note: Reason I'm not "smiling" is that I was bummed I didn't beat Curley, but I didn't know that I had made my top 10 goal!

The race yesterday was pretty fun! It was a very flat course that just turned around at the halfway mark. As I was nearing the turnaround, I saw the top runners and was amazed...the females were SO YOUNG! Turns out they were 14, 14 and 13 years old...and the 4th female was 50. Ohmygosh, AWESOME-NESS! Towards the end I was catching up to this kid who looked to be 10, and I passed him, then he came back to me, and I ran faster, then he ran faster, then I was like "I have to stay ahead of this kid!" and starting lengthening my stride. (Sorry, kid, you did am amazing job!). Then, when I was nearing the finish, this dude in a red shirt that I had passed was trying to pass me, and we BATTLED to the finish line! My little sister Liza caught it on film:
I think I beat him, but BARELY. Heh heh! He was soooo not having the "beat by a girl" happen, but I brought it. Word. *chest bump*

The sad news: I didn't beat John Curley. I think his time (with the delay) was 24:45 or something? So, I almost had it. Almost. It was interesting
because I thought that with the 2 minute 30 second delay, he waited at the start line and then I was waiting for him to PASS me. Apparently, he starts with the pack and then is stopped right before the finish line. This race, Curley was beat up by the Covey Run Quails...
You know, I think it would be a much more interesting race if Curley was delayed at the START, and he had to pass people. Because if I saw him pass me I'd be like "nu-uh,'re going down!" Now, I have a plan. I'm deadset on beating Curley in a race. I'm going to be a "Curley Chaser" until I beat him. Are you ready for this, dude? :)

Final Stats:
Mileage - 3.2 (a little longer than a standard 5K)
Time - 25:08
Overall - 64 out of 470
Division Place - 8 out of 89 (F20-29)*
Sex Place - 16 out of 269
Pace - 8:06
(7:50 pace, according to my mileage/Trailguru)
*BUT, place 6 & 7 had the same time as me...tie!

I seriously went home and napped for 2 hours...but then I still had the running itch (weird, huh?) I went for a 7.21 mile run with LIZ!! This was my first time running with her and she AMAZES me so much. A self-labeled "non-runner," Liz is pretty damn good, if I say so myself. She is most definitely a runner. :)

The last part of the run was uphill, so we walked and did some fartleks (hee hee, the word still makes me laugh!). All in all, a total of 6 whistle/honks, too. :P
Here's the aftermath:FIERCE!!

We're in talks to run in the Seattle Half Marathon in November...and I think we should totally do it. :)


  1. I am so, so proud of you! You did amazing and you are what keeps me going. One day that will be you and me battling it out instead of the red shirt guy, LOL. ;)

    I made a list of the upcoming races and printed one out for you. :)

  2. congrats on making your top 10 goal! awesome race. i hate getting passed by little kids - makes me wonder what i am doing wrong! i got passed by like a 10 year old boy at the end of a 5k last fall, great boost of confidence, haha. congrats on the race again!

  3. That's so great that you hit this goal :) YAY! Soon you will chase down curley too. I have no doubts!


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