Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Runner Profile: Meet Liz

Liz is not only my husband's brother's wife (I guess, "sister-in-law" is easier to say), but one of my best friends. She's a mom, a founder of a non-profit, artist, singer, writer, seamstress, graphic designer, web designer...the list goes on. And now, she's adding "runner" to her repertoire. Geez, she's a super woman.

1. What is your favorite stretch?
The "butterfly" - inner thigh stretch.

2. Do you have any pre-race rituals?
Have yet to do a race but I have a feeling I will become a race junkie.

3. What motivates you to run?
In all honesty? You (Zoë) do! I do it to get in shape, I do it for my health and my kids but I also do it in hopes that Zoë and I can run together someday.

4. When did you start running?
Not too long ago. A little over two months.

5. Running shoe of choice?
Whatever is fitted on my feet, suits my orthotics and aren't too heavy. I'm sure I'll have a favorite eventually.

6. Best advice received?
My dad taught me that when I'm getting tired or running on an incline, do not slow your pace, just shorten your steps. It has helped me increase my distance so much.

7. What do you think about when running?
I prefer to think about nothing. I notice smells and love to get lost in my music.

8. What is something you cannot run without?
I do love my music, but I have run without it just fine, I could not run without the motivation. I totally psych myself up for runs, especially if it's going to be a long run.

9. What race distance is your favorite?
I'm a big fan of a 5K right now. It feels pretty comfortable to me. I'd love to hit a solid 10K though.

10. Most outrageous running story you've heard or experienced?
I haven't been running long enough to hear or experience any crazy ones yet - I did run by a truck with a taxidermid german shepherd in the back the other day though. It was super creepy.


  1. Oh I wish I was a runner too but I would need at least 2 months preparation for that lol .

  2. hooray! welcome to the running family liz :) sounds like she's quite hooked already, way to reel her in!


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