Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Perils of Being a Girl Runner

Damsel in Distress?

Friday night I wanted to run Soos Creek, but Travis and Jeff had to drive me there. Travis took one look at the surroundings and said “this is the last time you’ll be running here by yourself.” Crap. Sure, I’m not exactly totally cool with the idea of running a trail by myself, but I think I can manage. Especially since I’m not going when it’s dark, and there are always people along the way. I’m not completely a damsel in distress here. But I do see where he’s coming from, and it makes me bummed. Perhaps I need to find a local running partner or group?

I channeled my frustration with what Trav said and used it to run faster. My 5 miles ended up being at an 8:30 mile pace. Woot! I also think that my blue Under Armor compression shirt had something to do with it. Man, that thing makes me feel like Super Girl, minus the cape. ;) On the way home I wasn’t satisfied with my run so I had them drop me off a couple blocks from our house so I could run some more. Yeah, I was feeling a little crazy, I suppose. That run added about 1.75 miles to my day’s mileage. It was a good evening.

Yesterday I took the day off. I think this week’s stress from work and the high mileage just exhausted me. I took a 2 hour nap at 6:30! Weird. Then today’s run was very disappointing. It was only a little less than 3 miles, and I had to walk a bunch. Have I hit a plateau? Argh! It’s so frustrating. So, I lifted some weights, did some extra stretching and punched the good ‘ol punching bag. Oh well. Tomorrow’s another day, and the race is in a week.

Ooo, another reason why I need a treadmill…just in case I feel the urge to run at 10pm (like right now).


  1. Yeah, something about tonight just wasn't feeling it for running. I would totally run with you but I would way, way slow you down. Have you checked out BTW, Ethan won't let me run anywhere I have to drive to.

  2. I totally need a treadmill, too. You could get a dog. :)

    It's funny your blogged about this. I was just reading another post ( that was talking about IDs.


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