Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Note from Coach Fish

My Uncle Doug sponsored me for the race on Saturday, and sent me a note as well: I would love to make that come true. One day! Maybe Saturday... :)
Thanks, Uncle Doug!


  1. Set the goals high. Why not. You just might do better than expected. BTW - you may be interested in joining this weekly challenge. Are you up for this week's Change The World Wednesday's Challenge? I have created a live link post & linked to your blog as well as all last weeks challengers. You can check it out here: and get the info on this weeks challenge from Small Footprints. This linking will help boost our blogs traffic and SEO as well as technorati rankings the more we get connected. BTW-Thanks for stopping by this morning & leaving a comment and this challenge is open to anybody who wants to participate. If you post about it then leave me a comment with the link to the post so I can add you to my list. Thanks.

  2. That's awesome. Hope you do it!


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