Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Not Good

Yesterday was busy, I couldn't run. I feel terrible! Then today I felt really awful because of something I ate last night...only went to work half the day (I had a job interview)...still felt crappy. So no run. Tomorrow is going to be just as busy as I have a dinner to go to for work. *phew* I need to run!
I think I'm going to try and run tomorrow morning...if not, then I'm going to go crazy. Again, this is why I need a treadmill so bad. :P


  1. I didn't run yesterday and won't today. I think I messed up my knee. Its still killing me. I could barely do a mile the other night. So, I'm going to rest (although I am still doing a ton of lunges and Wii Active stuff). Next week is vacation so I'll be running in sand! :)

  2. Lucky lucky lucky Liz. Beach running is it! It just sucks not getting the "mileage" in, even though being active.

  3. ahh i have a hard time counting non-running workouts as a real workout too! even though, i am fully aware that they are of course.

    hope things have gotten better and you've been able to log some miles! i've been carrying enough of the blah's around for everyone.


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