Sunday, August 23, 2009

Next Race!

Just signed up to participate in the Aflac Iron Girl 5K with Liz on September 12th! Liz's first race! I'm so excited! (I bet you couldn't tell that, huh?) It's a quick, very flat course around old stomping it should be a breeze!

I took it a little easy today, as there was a lot of cleaning/chores to get done around the house and my ankle is sore from yesterday's hill workout. Instead of running I'm going to lift with Trav in a half hour, so I would have done something to train. :) It counts.

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  1. Lifting totally counts! It's great cross-training. I did about 30 mins of yoga and it felt great because my legs are still sore.

    I'm excited for the 12th! Yay! We'll have to figure out if we want to go together, or what. I really want Ethan to come but it's so early and he's kind of been a poop lately about my running.


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