Friday, August 7, 2009

Next Race...

Saturday 8/15 @ 8am

I just had to sign up for this race because it's an excellent cause...and the featured patient's name is Zoe. *wink*
Also, I challenged John Curley (known by Pacific Northwesterners of Evening Magazine fame) for charity. It's a very fun concept and a great way to raise money for awesome causes. I actually found this race through Mr. Curley's "Upcoming Events" and pretty much wanted to see if I could run faster than him! Heh heh!
Are you ready, Curley???
I am!!


  1. I totally would do this but can't afford it.

    I couldn't find Curley's times though - do you know what they are?

  2. He's actually running the race that day...I just have to beat him. ;) What if you got your parents or Rick and Alva to sponsor you? I got my Uncle to sponsor me this time...


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