Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jell-o Legs

I'm feeling them. Oh boy. Just finished my hill workout and my legs are a jiggly, wobbly mess. I ran up and down the hill right by my house, sprinting uphill between two lampposts. Speaking of lampposts, there is a significant lack of street lighting in my cul-de-sac...which makes me a little weary, but also run faster in the dark areas.

I swear that at least 10 houses were cooking with garlic. It reeked. Is there a full moon I don't know about? A vampire alert I'm unaware of? Well, I think just the smell of that garlic would keep any vampire away. So, the entire run smelled like garlic, but my legs felt like jell-o. There's a food theme here...garlic jell-o. ew.

Then, to add to my leg agony, I did some deadlifts. Apparently, I like torturing myself. ;)


  1. i'm not a fan of jello-y legs, but arms i kinda like. i think it's cause i feel like i'll just collapse at any moment when it's my legs! great workout - way to push yourself.


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