Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm Melting!

It's actually raining outside!  Ohmygosh!  But, of course, that means "little-'ol-me" doesn't feel like getting drenched on my run (*hint hint* TRAV--treadmill!).  So, I turned to a little OnDemand exercise tv...oh boy, let me tell was hilarious!  I think I worked my abs more laughing than doing the exercises.  First, I tried this "Baywatch" workout for a bikini body, which was pretty funny stuff.  Running in place to the blonde chick with ginormously huge boobs did nothing but make me laugh.  It was a total guy's exercise program (sorry dudes).  Oh well.  Then I went to the "Hardcore" section, which did nothing for the name at all.  The dude leading the video was cute, but we were doing grapevines and toe taps and the like...and it didn't make me feel very hardcore.  So what did I end up doing?  Stairs.  Running up and down my stairs, dodging Murphy kitty.  Then, I played with Photo Booth. ;)  Ahhh, great workout!


  1. Dude, just come over and run. The kids are asleep by 8:30 usually but even before that, you could use it.

    So, if it's raining or whatever just call and let me know so I can do my run during the day and then the treadmill is all your after work.

  2. Classic shots. Wanted to stop by and welcome you to Blog Catalog. I have been a runner for 25 years. Love running the trails in the woods on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I blog on health, fitness, wellness, natural medicine, environment, sustainability and advocacy for all his stuff. Stop by. See you around. Oh yea, I added my mug to your mug shots (google friend connect)


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