Friday, August 21, 2009

Hurray for Skirts!

I got my skirt from in the mail today and I was so excited that I HAD to take it on a test run right away! I'm in love! It seriously feels like nothing (which sounds weird, but it's not). The waist band is so comfortable you forget that it's there, unlike elastic-waist shorts that can dig into your sides. The skirt did not ride up or flip up while I was running, and I was
amazed! Travis was a little upset with me over the price, but I'm going to make good use of it, for sure. :) When I can, I'm totally going to buy another skirt, maybe two, later on...I think I want to try out their Athletic Skirt with the built-in compression shorts next.

Tomorrow's going to be a busy day, so I'm planning on running with Liz in the early AM. Another 6 miles? Bring it!


  1. So cute! Is it like running in shorty shorts?

  2. Yes, and that's the only problem. My thighs were a little raw because I wasn't thinking about that before I left. Trying the Vaseline next time (or maybe lube? Haha!). But the athletic skirt from the line would be a different story: built in compression shorts (no chafing!). :)

  3. i thought all running skirts had some sort of underwear/lining in them? i would definitely need to buy one that did or else i'd be showing the goods off lol. looks cute!

  4. They have a mesh brief that's attached and really comfortable. It's just that my thighs touch and so there's no barrier. :P


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