Sunday, August 30, 2009

Horse Poo, Slugs & Spandex

That's it. I'm done with all this painful thigh chafing. I'm getting spandex shorts to run in. *groan*
My 6 miler was cut short because my thighs hurt so bad and they actually started to bleed a little. :( I think I ran a little over 4 miles, then walked the rest of the way back to the car. Awful.

The trail was super hot, as I was a dummy and went for a run during the hottest part of the day--1pm. Yes, I am an idiot. Since the trail also has a horse trail that parallels, I kept getting yucky wafts of horse poo...multiplied by the heat and humidity. Disgusting.

Plus, I stepped on a slug. It made my sole all slimy and slippery, and I couldn't get footing up a hill, almost face-planted in front of some cyclists. Nasty.

Awful. Disgusting. Nasty. --> Yup, that was today.

Oh well, tomorrow's another run.


  1. Sounds like a great day! Ugh! Time for a girls night!

  2. Ew! Let me know if you find some good shorts. Another runner I know said something about compression shorts, but I think that's just a fancy word for spandex.

  3. Oh man! No bueno!!! Do you have some Body Glide to help with that chaffing?!?!? If not I suggest you invest ASAP!!! I was scared to wear spandex at first, but after a few runs you notice the difference. Good luck and I hope you heal up quick! Ouch!!!

  4. Yes - Body Glide is pretty key. One problem with spandex/compression shorts is they also hold heat in - which can make for some hot(ter) runs.

  5. boy you are brave! i keep *saying* i will run in spandex but continue leaving them in the drawer... i figure the world does not need to see all that i have to offer :)


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