Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hey Running Guys & Gals!

I have a question about race registration fees. Is it just me or are they getting more expensive? How in the world do people race constantly and pay these fees? How do you pay for these fees? Any advice?

My Uncle Doug informed me that when he used to race, the fees were a buck. A BUCK?! Dude, sign me up for the dollar race! On that note, maybe I should start an annual race for $1....hmmm (the little hamster is spinning that wheel in my head). Well, my cool Uncle Doug also sponsored me for my last race, the Covey Run 5K. *Thanks, Doug! You're a rockstar!*

There are just so many races I want to enter, but money is not plentiful at the moment, so I must choose wisely.

Here are the races that I want to do next month:

So what is a runner to do?


  1. Yeah, I don't get it. I know they are for charity so that's a big reason why.

    The Iron Girl 10K is $45 that's crazy.

  2. Unfortunately, most of the time the registration fee goes towards actually putting on the event (police, road closures, h2o, signs, etc) even though you feel like you're helping a cause, it's still not enough. :( It's the t-shirt I tell you.

  3. some races are pricey, but like you said they have to pay for all the stuff needed to put on the event. closing roads, setting up water stops, etc takes funds, time and volunteers. can you work a race or two per month into your budget?

    i don't race that often so when i do enter a race i don't feel too stretched to pay. i do hate when 5k's a so expensive. it's 3.1 miles, i'm not paying $30+. i am kicking myself for delaying registering for a rock 'n roll event until AFTER all of the price discounts ended. grrr.

    sometimes for smaller, local races i wish they'd give the option of "registration with no tee". it's usually cotton and oversized anyway!


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