Monday, August 24, 2009

Hans & Franz

Lifting with Trav last night was fun, and he's now my official "Weight Training Coach." Jeff couldn't make it to lift with him, so I was his spotter, and he gave me sets to do. I did bench, tricep work, deadlifts and powerlifts (aka Clean & Jerk). I'm sore! But in a "hells ya" kind of way. ;) Whenever I lift, I always think of the Saturday Night Live skit with Dana Carvey & that Kevin guy who play wannabe Ahhhhnolds:
"We're going to pump...[chest pound] up."

Anyway, my deadlift max. is 160 lbs...and I really want to increase that number. So, I will be working on that! Travis is a great motivator because he's really strong and getting stronger every day...and I need to keep up with him! It's funny though--his arms are getting HUGE and it also makes them look shorter (like a T-Rex!). I, on the other hand, have gangly arms, and they are longer than Trav' together we look like a couple of weirdos. Long gangle arms and bicep muscle dude. At least he's not getting meat headed...but he is outgrowing all the shirts I got him for Christmas. *sigh*


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